Homolka eligible for pardon as Tories crack down

Stephen Harper tasks Public Safety Minister with overhauling system by fall at the latest

Ottawa — The Canadian Press


Stephen Harper says ex-convict Karla Homolka will be able to apply for a pardon this year. It's the latest in a series of frustrations the Prime Minister said he has felt in the last few weeks about the weaknesses in Canada's justice system.

Mr. Harper said the news that murderer Clifford Olson is receiving government pension benefits in jail was compounded by revelations by The Canadian Press that hockey coach Graham James received a pardon for sexual-abuse convictions.

Ms. Homolka, who was convicted in the sex-slaying of three girls, is also eligible to apply for a pardon through a system that grants 99 per cent of applicants their wishes, Mr. Harper noted.

“For many years, the vast majority of Canadians have found this deeply offensive. Now, they find it unacceptable,” the Prime Minister told a victims' rights conference.

“Yet, for now, the law remains. And the law will allow Karla Homolka to apply for a pardon this year.”

As a result, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said he has been asked to table legislation to tighten the pardon system by this fall at the latest.

Mr. Toews says he prefers legislation to regulatory changes to the pardon system, because he's not convinced rule changes would address what happened in the James case.

“I think that simply looking at it by way of making administrative changes doesn't appear to be sufficient,” Mr. Toews said.

He noted that the government made some changes in 2007, but they didn't address all the problems of the pardon system, and didn't prevent James from being pardoned.

Mr. Harper said that situation is unacceptable.

“Even though he ruined the lives of boys who just wanted to play hockey, he can travel without having to admit his criminal record.

“That, too, is offensive. But that, my friends, is how the laws have been written over the past few decades. Written when soft-on-crime attitudes were fashionable and concern for criminals took priority over compassion for victims.”

Public opinion in Canada has swung from thinking the pardon system is merely “offensive” to finding it intolerable, Mr. Harper said.

“The problems run deep, but we will keep pushing forward,” the Prime Minister said.



Remember how the Crown tried to paint Homolka as a victim? Remember how the Crown did a deal to treat her as a victim when the evidence later revealed she played at least an equal part in these brutal murders?

Spare a thought for the fathers who end up in Family Court who have a woman "play victim", sorry, just suggest she is a victim and get, Life Long Restraining orders.

Justice Denis Power of Ontario Superior Court in Ottawa did not like a Judge of the Ontario Court issuing criminal charges against a woman, he said that was harassment by a man, that's right, she was charged by a JUDGE, not a JP, not a police office, A JUDGE, of the Ontario Court of Justice.

Justice Power issued a restraining order banishing the father from Kingston FOREVER, yes, banished from KINGSTON where Canada's worst offenders are released.

When the father moved to Ottawa, Justice Allan Sheffield varied that order to include 5 major areas in Ottawa that knock out virtually all transportation on every major route in Ottawa.

That order, is FOR LIFE, it cannot be appealed or varied.

This is just an example of the "Tough on Crime" approach that has NOTHING TO DO WITH CRIME but political correctness administered by the worst child abusers in Canada called the underbelly of the Ontario Judiciary.

While thousands of loving devoted Ontario Fathers end up with restraining orders for the crime of being born with testicles, Kala Homolka can get her pardon.

Its enough to make you want to puke.

When is the injustice ever going to end?



Black Swan, Well said.
I'll beg to differ a little.

Harper cannot let go of control and delegate because he is a control freak.

We have a judiciary that has a corrupt appointment process. Every time a new judge is being contemplated, lawyers phones run wild with calls from extreme feminists wanting to know the inside scoop on the judges history and just how much he supports feminist myths.

Our justice system is dysfunctional, it is made that way by our parliamentarians who remove tantamount to all judicial discretion with mandatory sentences, and legislation that defies legal logical with revers onus that one is a criminal and or deadbeat because you were born a male.

The vehicles and machinery of change are out parliamentarians who need to end the crazy politically correct "War on Crime" that has no other purpose than to make money for those in the endless revolving wheels of those who have a vested interested in running jails and or all income derived from the justice system.



Quote: "Harper is trying to insult our intelligence or appeal to his base."

Harper's logic, is simple minded game plans that have nothing to do with the long term best interests of Canadians but rather how he can provide what the average conservative voter expects to see.

It appears that even the liberal opposition, falls for the same "cheap trick" and will go with what ever flow, no matter how damaging it may be for Canada's future.

We need politicians who have real vision and the ability to translate that vision into language that the simplest of minds can comprehend. Not an easy task but not impossible.