Manslaughter charge stayed in death of toddler



CALGARY A former Calgary man has returned to Montreal after the Crown recently stayed a manslaughter charge in connection with the death of his girlfriend's two-year-old son.


Kadima Pierre Kalala spent more than a year behind bars after being refused bail. "Finally, 13 months after the alleged offence, they got a report from the M.E. (medical examiner)," said Allan Fay, Kalala's lawyer. "It says the injuries to the deceased were equally consistent with being caused by a slip or fall situation as with any crime."


Kalala was accused of causing the death of Jaden Tshimanga on March 9, 2009.


Kalala told police the toddler was in the bathtub at his home when he left to do something, returning to find the boy face down in the water.


When a charge is stayed, the Crown has a year to revive it, but rarely does.