Ignatieff promises broadband for all

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says the Conservative government has allowed Canada to slip far behind other countries when it comes to broadband access. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

To date, Michael Ignatieff has failed to display an iota of vision or leadership. Today's announcement is just a very small step in the right direction that was probably directed by Ignatieff's handlers.

The problem is, if Mr. Ignatieff does not have any vision, perhaps he should display some leadership and management ability by surrounding himself with people who do have vision so at least he can pretend that he has what he does not have which is vision.

It appears Ignatieff's handlers have been terrified of coming up with any idea, and wanted a winner, copying the Australian politically popular idea was just oh so obvious.

Don't hold your breath waiting for fresh ideas from Ignatieff.

Here are a few ideas that are visionary.

Bring in a legal presumption of equal parenting after separation in Canada. Reform the Judicial appointment process to include psychological screening for not only the judiciary but for those who are appointed to select the judiciary.

No 2 on the list is to get rid of the decrepit useless Judicial Council and expand the the areas upon which complaints can be made about judges.

Ontario is riddled with corrupt judges, with judges who have a pathological hatred towards men and with judges who get their rocks off by ending children's relationships with their father.

The very worst of the worst make "Power Orders" or "Sheffield Orders" that totally deprive a litigant of any right to even respond to litigation let alone vary that order for child support that was made to put a father in jail so he could never see his kids again.

Then there is the Insurance industry, who flog rotten disability policies that almost never pay out and which premiums rarely ever go to claims.