RCMP gun confiscations prompt legal fight

May 17, 2010


The Norinco Type 97A rifle can be converted easily to fully automatic fire, which makes it a prohibited weapon, RCMP say.

Commentary by the OttawaMensCentre.com


The advocates for "easily convertible-automatic" weapons really want "machine guns" that have no purpose other than killing people.

The sheer number of these disordered personalities is staggering as is the conservatives willingness to trot out a few retired conservative cops as an answer to the advice and recommendations of police Chiefs and criminologists across Canada.

The RCMP obviously made a mistake first time round but that's one error for an a very large amount of error free work that goes unreported.

The Conservative "get tough on criminals and not "law abiding firearm owners" is hardly an objective comment. Criminals regularly treat "law abiding firearm owners homes" like a candy store dispensing guns and ammunition to be used for criminal use.

It does not really matter "how law abiding" a " gun owner is", his or her guns are just killing weapons waiting for its date in destiny for a few seconds with a bolt cutter or oxy torch.

Remember the massacres like Marc Levine and all the other mentally deranged psychopaths who just needed a gun to murder large number of "law abiding citizens".