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Sunday, June 13, 2010 11:52 AM

Chrétien’s wise advice to Ignatieff

In its Saturday edition, La Presse reports that “Jean Chrétien believes it's in the interest of the Liberal Party to merge with the NDP and build a party that can defeat the Conservatives in the next election.” Indeed, anonymous Liberal sources told reporter Joel-Denis Bellavance that Mr. Chrétien believes that “merger is the only option - as the right was united.”

The former prime minister is spot-on: Having opened up the scenario of a post-election coalition with the NDP, the Liberals have done Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s work and given him the issue on which he’d been hoping to fight the next election. And, by nixing any discussion of merger, they’ve ensured that Mr. Harper will fight the next election against a divided opposition.

That, in fact, is where things appear to be headed: Mr Bellavance’s sources tell him that Mr. Chrétien held informal discussions with Ed Broadbent along these lines “a few months ago,” but that the discussions “led nowhere” and have terminated:

"There are no discussions within the Party about merging or cooperating with the NDP. Anyone who says there are doesn't know what he's talking about."

Moreover, according to the La Presse report, Mr. Chrétien has decided not to “stir things up any more so as not to harm Liberal chances in the next election.”

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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Merging with the No Dads Party would be like asking Canada to support the elimination of Israel.

The NDP, have as its mandate, a support of legislation that makes men second class citizens.

The NDP is more interested in promoting Gay and Lesbian lifestyles and criminalizing heterosexual relationships than it is about dealing with the problem of Canada's negative birth rate is caused by the reluctance of Canadian men to be fathers either the first time round or especially after divorce.

Its the NDP's failure to support Equal Parenting legislation that makes Jack Layton the Canadian Man Haters Association.

If you are a father whose children don't reside with you at least half the time, you can thank legislation and political lobby groups associated with Jack Layton and the No Dads Party.

A merger with the NDP is akin to have expected Hitler to become the president of a united states of Europe.