Ottawa cop told to resign from force


Last Updated: June 14, 2010

Ottawa Police Const. Jeffrey Gulick has been told to resign from the force after being convicted of assault and making a death threat toward a fellow officer. He plans to appeal. (OTTAWA SUN file photo)



An Ottawa cop convicted of assaulting fellow cops and threatening to kill one of them has been told to resign within seven days.

At a Police Services Act hearing this morning, it was ruled that Const. Jeffrey Gulick’s actions were "intolerable."

"The extent of this misconduct was to such a degree that the suitability of Const. Gulick remaining a police officer in this police service has been nullified by his conduct in this case," said hearing officer Terence Kelly in making his decision Monday.

Gulick received a suspended sentence and two years of probation after pleading guilty in February, 2009, to criminal charges of assaulting a police officer, uttering threats, mischief and escaping lawful custody.

At the police services hearing, Kelly said Gulick broke his oath and the community and police service can't condone or tolerate it. Gulick will file an appeal this week which will allow him to remain a police officer, however still suspended with pay.

After Gulick was convicted in August, 2009, Police Chief Vern White said he wanted the officer's badge.

"His behaviour was out of control and it was criminal," said the judge at the criminal hearing. "These assaults were serious; the threat was serious."

Gulick was charged after he assaulted four officers who were trying to arrest him during a domestic incident at his home in May 2008. He was suspended with pay at that time.

Gulick's attorney, Mark Wallace, said at the time that his client was suffering from work-related stress at the time of the incident, had failed his use-of-force re-certification earlier that day and had his gun taken away from him.

Due to the stress, Gulick was abusing alcohol and prescription drugs and was in a "toxic cloud" on the day of the incident.

Wallace had asked for a conditional discharge for his client, pointing to the fact Gulick had completed rehab and is in counselling.