Friday, June 18, 2010 3:26 PM

Arrests in Ottawa firebombing

The Canadian Press is reporting that Ottawa police have made arrests in the firebombing of a RBC bank in the Glebe last month.

No names or details have been released, but a news conference is scheduled for tomorrow.

The RCMP and Ontario Provincial Police were involved in the investigation.

Early on the morning of May 18, a group of people torched the ATM area of a Royal Bank branch. The act was act recorded on video and posted online that day.

A group calling itself FCCC-Ottawa claimed responsibility, saying the act was in response to the Vancouver Olympics being held on "stolen indigenous land" and promised further action at the G8 and G20 summits.

Last month, a retired bureaucrat was questioned about the incident after it was revealed that a car he rented was traced to the scene.





Commentary by the


Ottawa Police chief Vern White demonstrated his contempt for the fundamental principles of justice by falsely claiming that the men had 50 Cal "sniper ammunition".

Vern White is taking his example of professional standards of behaviour from Fantino who jumps at every opportunity to gain a political point.

What Vern White seems to have forgotten is that he is holder of the public's trust, to be seen to be acting impartially. Instead, he follows the distinctly American approach of politicizing every aspect possible of police work.

The Ottawa Police are a disgrace, men get arrested on the "she said" of one woman while blindly ignoring the evidence to the contrary.

While Peter Roscoe was recently arrested recently on yet another trumped up charge, this time from a social services lady in a one of those two person room only rooms claiming that she had , another female in the same room. Just because Mr. politically Unpopular Mr. Roscoe applied for welfare.

The terrorism allegation is extremely serious, as is the outragious comments of Vern White who seems determined to undermine the perception of the accused right to have a fair trial untainted by uncalled for irresponsible comments by none other than the police chief who chose to demonstrate an example that was contrary to the interests of justice.

Notice that these accused came to court in Orange Jump suits?

That's a far cry from how our former attorney general, appeared in a fresh suit shirt and tie before the press after a night in the Toronto Police Headquarters after smashing a bicyclist into a fire hydrant at 35kph.

What Ontarian men need to know is anytime a woman says a man is a danger, they also allude a "domestic terrorist".

Its that fear mongering that is a political direction to judges to throw justice to the wind and make a political decision rather than a legal decision that has sent Ontario Justice into a spiral dive.


When you hear Vic Towes speaking, spare a thought for the Liberal justice critic with whom he had a meeting to come up with bill to ensure Karla Homolka would never get a pardon. It was an issue supported by all parties.

Yet, Vic Towes, chose the cowardly double crossing stunt of alleging that the opposition, supported a pardon for Homolka which was not just false it was contrary to an agreement with the Liberal critic that was about to be finalized.

Vic Towes could not resist that temptation even knowing that it was a very nasty breech of ethics that only the most pathological personalities would contradict.

That's not the only temptation that Vic Towes could not resist including an affair with his much younger secretary who became pregnant as a result.

The liberals, the opposition have kept quiet on that dirt for the time being but its when Vic Towes opens his mouth, and we hear such dishonesty come out, it does not auger well for the interests of justice to have him now comment on the guilt of accused persons!

If Vic Towes lied to the public about the opposition support of a pardon for Homolka, on such a serious issue, it begs the question about his credibility making statements on behalf of the government, especially on matters of justice where one expects such a minister to set an example of ethical behaviour.

Its that appointment of Vic Towes, his irrational unethical behaviour that draws into question his suitability to the the "Public Safety Minister".

Then you need to remember that no minister of Harper gets to open his mouth to the press unless every word is scripted by Mr. Harper.

Its enough to make you want to cringe in embarrassment at being Canadian.

Ottawa Police Chief shot his mouth off and prejudiced the rights of the accused to a fair trial. He falsely stated that they were in possession of "50 Cal Sniper Ammunition" and referred to them as domestic terrorists.

The Ottawa Police were later forced to correct the information and announce that the ammunition found was not 50 cal but a very common caliber.

The Ottawa Police Chief should give more concern to his role of setting an example to the rest of the Ottawa Police than seek to engage in his own personal political promotion.

If he continues, he will end up being despised as much as Ontario's chief abuser of police Powers, Julian Fantino.