Friday, June 18, 2010 11:29 AM

The loneliest man in Parliament: Stephen Harper

Jane Taber

From time to time, the Prime Ministerís photographer sends out to the press gallery candid shots of Stephen Harper. On Thursday, he captured the Prime Minister in a very solitary moment in a totally empty House of Commons. It was to signify the rising of the House for the summer as MPs go back to their ridings.

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Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


The Prime Minister rarely allows "candid photographs" by anyone other than his personal photographer. Its part of his propensity, addiction, obsession with "control", wait for it, of the press and every scintilla of information that the public reads about him.

No, Mr. Harper is not lonely, he has a virtual army of yes men and women who follow his instructions, on how to defeat rules on ethics, honesty, how to fail to comply with court orders, how to defeat orders for disclosure, how to use every possible tactic used by "sharp lawyers", like Lying Brian to defeat any order issued by any authority anywhere.

In sum, Stephen Harper thinks he is not just above the law but the maker of law. Its all gone to his head.

You only have to read the posts on the Globe and Mail to see his professional team of spin doctors, who are probably due to get a refresher course at Navigator, on how to make the best of a bad situation.

There is a very old saying. You can fool some of the judges some of the time but you can't fool all the judges all the time.

If Mr. Harper would like to go for a refresher course himself, he might like to wander a few hundred meters down to 161 Elgin Street, and sit in on Family court with Justices Power, Sheffield, Desousa and Aitken.

These are known as the "underbelly of the Ontario Superior Court Judiciary".

They can show Mr. Harper how to obstruct justice, how to commit criminal offenses and come out looking well, judicial.

They like Mr. Harper don't give a rats behind about the long term damage that they cause to Canada or how they are directly responsible for the negative birth rate that promises to be the biggest economic time bomb facing Canada.

The best description of Mr. Harper is far from being "the Lone Star Ranger" in Ottawa, he is a puppet on strings from Republican HQ in the USA who treat him as "Our Man in Ottawa".