Outgoing OPP chief won't rule out political future

Speculation rife that Fantino could seek provincial or federal seat, or run for mayor of Vaughan

Karen Howlett

Toronto — From Thursday's Globe and Mail Published on Wednesday, Jul. 07, 2010

Outgoing Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino is keeping his options open for his next career move after he retires later this month.

His name has already popped up as the leading choice for mayor of Vaughan, Ont., his home town. And speculation is also rampant that he is eying a career in provincial or federal politics now that his successor has been named.

Premier Dalton McGuinty announced on Wednesday that veteran police officer Chris Lewis will become OPP commissioner effective Aug. 1. Mr. Fantino, 67, will step down on July 31 as previously planned, after nearly four years in the job.

He is fuelling speculation over his future by remaining coy.

“I’m not ruling anything in or out,” Mr. Fantino said in an interview on Wednesday. “Once I’m done, I’m going to decompress a little bit. I’m going to go fishing.”

But no one expects Mr. Fantino, who is never far from the headlines and who has the name recognition that helps candidates get elected, to spend much time relaxing at a lake. He began his career in 1964 as a beat officer in Toronto and enjoyed a steady rise through the ranks, becoming the province’s top cop in October, 2006.

Mr. Fantino is well regarded by the Liberal government, but he has been dogged by a standoff between native protesters and residents of Caledonia that he inherited from his predecessor, Gwen Boniface.

There is speculation he was appointed commissioner because the Progressive Conservatives were quietly courting him to run against his long-time friend, Liberal MPP Greg Sorbara, in the 2007 provincial election in the riding of Vaughan.

John Tory, a former Progressive Conservative Party leader who now hosts a daily call-in show on CFRB Radio, told his listeners on Wednesday that he thinks it is more likely that Mr. Fantino will run as a Tory candidate in the next federal election than as a candidate for mayor of Vaughan.

“That job would be a bit more comfortable for a former chief of police,” Mr. Tory told his listeners. “This is a government that is very committed to law and order issues, and of course, he would be a sure-fire cabinet minister.”

Mario Racco, a former Liberal MPP who is running for mayor, said Mr. Fantino has not shown much interest in jumping into the municipal race.

“If he chooses to join the race, he is more than welcome,” Mr. Racco said in an interview. “I know he is someone who cannot be taken lightly and he would be a good candidate, no question.”

Speculation that Mr. Fantino could run provincially in next year’s election against Mr. Sorbara was also revived on Wednesday. But a source close to Mr. Sorbara said Mr. Fantino has said a number of times that he would never run against his friend.

“You got that piece right,” Mr. Fantino joked. “I am good friends with Mr. Sorbara. The rest of it is all up in the air.”




Fantino will go down in history as one of the most reviled police chiefs of Canada.

He has been a classic example of an abuser of power, a weapon, a corrupt weapon who takes political instructions, adopts a police mission to achieve a political goal that has nothing to do with the Rule of Law and democracy to which Fantino is one of the greatest insults.

It's time for the public of Ontario to send the corrupt former police chief for a message that he will never forget and hopefully he will receive in a way that tells him to stay out of anything to do with public service, unless of course its in a prison environment where he belongs.

Fantino brings dishonour to ever police officer in Ontario and its time for the honourable members of the various Ontario police forces to come forth with the information that they have that will convict him. Hopefully thats just a matter of time.


Fantino's best friend is the Ontario Government's who have replaced Ontario's Sargent at arms of the Corrupt Public officials with Chris Lewis.

It's just another example of the Ontario Government's flagrant abuse of the Rule of Law to engage in Obstruction of Justice, Intimidation, contempt of public office by the laying of malicious, frivolous and vexatious charges against Gary McHale who was arrested on Dec. 7, 2007, and charged with the bizarre offence of “counselling mischief not committed.”

Fantino is a classic example of the most reviled public officers, a former police chief who for decades has acted upon instructions of the Ontario government to corrupt police officers across the province, to lay thousands of malicious charges against those who are politically unpopular and those charges are ultimately dropped, after they have done their necessary irreparable damage.

With Lewis we can expect to see Ontario to maintain its abuse of the Rule of Law and engage in activities that undermine the Rule of law and democracy, specifically the further erosion of democratic and legal rights.

Its enough to make you want to puke.