Wednesday, July 7, 2010 10:34 AM

All the Khadr news that's fit to print?

Norman Spector

As CP has reported, “the Federal Court of Canada ruled on Monday that the government has seven days to come up with a list of remedies to its breach of Mr. Khadr’s constitutional rights.” The report of that decision by Mr. Justice Russell Zinn was published in The Globe and Mail yesterday. Regrettably, the CP report omitted one salient fact that appeared in the Ottawa Citizen the same day:

“Zinn noted his own past statement that bringing Khadr to Canada is ‘the only alternative remedy I can see that can potentially cure the breach’ of his rights, but he added it may be that the government or Khadr can fashion other remedies’.”

In other words, notwithstanding the refusal of the Supreme Court of Canada to order Mr. Khadr’s repatriation – an outcome that many Khadr supporters have been urging – persuading this particular judge will be no easy task. Don’t be surprised, therefore, if the government takes the matter out of Mr. Zinn’s hands by appealing his decision.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre



Before those with a far right political view choose their typical knee jerk reaction without any logical reasoning, perhaps they should spare a thought for the principles of fundamental justice and the Rule of Law.

If the Prime Minister can flagrantly be in contempt of a judicial decision, simply because he thinks he is above the law, just how can Conservatives, who supposedly believe in law and order, continue to have him as a prime minister?

Canadians supposedly have legal rights, thats an illusion, you only have them if you have the right political connections, plenty of money and happen to be politically correct.

While we have a public tolerance towards the flagrant abuse and disregard for the Rule of Law our society will only slip further into a spiral dive of destruction of legal rights.