Iranís grave-like prison cells

When atrocities happen, those who remain silent become accomplices

Marina Nemat

From Friday's Globe and Mail

July 9, 2010

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani was condemned to death by stoning in Iran, where terrible abuses of human rights have been going on for more than 30 years. Even if her sentence is commuted or even if she is released, there are many others who are languishing in that country in their grave-like cells, maybe facing painful deaths. From 1982 to 1984, I was one of them. Stoning is barbaric, but so is torture, which is common practice in Iranís jails.

Iranís political prisons, including Evin, are still quite operational. People are tortured and executed in Iran on a daily basis. When atrocities happen, those who remain silent and donít speak or act against evil become its accomplices. We cannot afford to wait for governments to bring about real change. I believe in the power of the individual. Each one of us can make the world a better place, even if only one small step at a time. We can create a ripple effect that will expand and eventually turn into a tsunami. I do not believe in violence, but I do believe in the power of voices coming together as one. Letís get our voices heard.

Marina Nemat is the author of Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir, and a member of the ďFree SakinehĒ campaign. Her second memoir, After Tehran: A Life Reclaimed, will be released in September.



Incarceration for crimes related to marriage is just another instrument of the Ontario Government's War Against Men, a province where men, fathers, do not have any legal rights.

Ontario Judges like Sheffield Power and others, make orders to "get rid of litigants' aka fathers who ask a court for a right for their children to know them.

These vile examples of humanity rival the worst in the Iranian government for flagrant abuses of judicial power.

In particular, like abuses in Iran, they don't like negative publicity and frequently suffer 'court room rage' when they learn of statements made about them.

They belong in jail. Remember it takes a dead beat judge to create a dead beat dad and real crime , starts in family court.. (quote Stacy Robb)


Commentary by the

Marina Nemat at least has the courage and ability to bring to the attention of Canadians atrocities going on in Iran. At least Marinam, unlike Mr. Harper, has not remained silent in the face of atrocities.

Mr. Harper is displays next to no interest in societies substantive issues and chooses instead to ignore and promote flagrant abuses of law and order, democracy at home and abroad where he gives Canadians a bad name that will one day rival Mullroney.

Harper while flagrantly abusing the Rule of Law and turning a blind eye to abuses at home and abroad, at least is not so far, at least, as corrupt as Brian Mullroney.

On Brian Mullroney's very last overseas "tour" as prime minister, his Airbus was carefully backed into the hanger and without a customs agent in site, he had TWO of UHAUL's very largest hire vans, loaded to the gills with "gifts and purchases".

A large percentage of present and former Canadian Prime Ministers are more interested in whats in it for them rather than what some victim overseas is getting in a torture chamber.

Iranians are generally a very nice group of people with culture and empathy for others. Despite the Iranian government abuses, there will be a day when change occurs and as its younger generations take to the lead, we can expect an entirely different Iran in the future. It's how we can help that matters and every bit of press that addresses the abuses of the Iranian government will help embarass them as they deserve.


Canadians need to be aware of Barbaric practices in Canada especially Ontario which uses prisons to incarcerate men for not other reason than that they were fathers who just happened to go to court, Family Court and seek the court to enforce an order for access.

Its an Ontario Government policy of brutality in its worst form against men. There is nothing more torturous than being denied the right to have any contact with your own child while having a mentally ill violent mother get ever order she asks for no matter how crazy.

The perpetrators of this War On Men, A Government Policy of Male Gender Apartheid is carried out by the most vile examples of humanity that are known as "The Underbelly of the Ontario Family Court Judiciary".

Their names bring disgrace to the Judiciary in general. They are so well known that its not unheard of for them to become extremely public about their flagrant abuses of Judicial Power.

There are several names that repeatedly rise to the top of the list.

Denis Power of Ottawa recently used his old law firm, Neligan Power to to try to do a hatchet job on Peter Roscoe who recently had the courage to take Ottawa Hydro to court to stop them cutting off his hydro.

The large fat lawyer from Neligan Power, supposedly representing "Ottawa Hydro" went on a rant about the thousands of negative public comments made about Justice Denis Power!

Thats right, it had nothing to do with Ontario Hydro, Denis Power's old law firm, treated a matter of Ottawa Hydro's coincidental draconian demand for an outragious security deposit when in fact his hydro account was up to date!

Also coincidentally, Justice Denis Power had previously made a whole string of draconian orders to deprive Roscoe of all his legal rights, a decision that was later overturned by the Ontario Court of Appeal.

That apparently infuriated Denis Power to the point that he had to vent his anger.

More later on this story of the Corrupt Denis Power.