Ottawa barbershop won't cut woman's hair

Last Updated: Friday, July 16, 2010 | 9:28 AM ET

CBC News
An Ottawa woman says the Imperial Barber Shop refused to cut her hair because of her gender. (Susan Burgess/CBC)

An Ottawa woman says her rights were violated when a barbershop in the Glebe neighbourhood refused to cut her hair.

Jayda Kelsall said she was riding her bike along Bank Street when a sign promising a cheap haircut caught her eye.

She said she went inside the Imperial Barber Shop and was told to go somewhere else.

"I was pretty shocked," she said. "I have really short hair. I have a mohawk. I was just looking for the sides to be shaved a little bit and trimmed up, and they flat out said no."

Imperial owner Gilles Lemenoise said his staff turn women away all the time.

Pointing to the hair salon above his barbershop, he said that to avoid competition his landlord bans him from cutting women's hair.

But the landlord, Minto Group, said Imperial misinterpreted the agreement.

"However exactly it's written in the lease I don't know," said Greg Rogers, executive vice-president. "But the spirit of the agreement is that he deliver men's-style haircuts."

It doesn't matter whether a man or woman gets the cut, but it has to be a men's style, Rogers said.

Ottawa human rights lawyer Nigel McCready said it is a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code to deny someone service based on gender, whether or not the landlord has a contract with a business owner.

"The rights that are enshrined there are important enough that you shouldn't be able to make a private agreement that you're going to disregard someone's human rights," said McCready.

Kelsall said she hasn't decided if she'll take legal action, but she doesn't buy Imperial's reason for denying her a cut.

"They are accountable for enforcing a discriminatory policy not because their landlord asked them to but because they agreed to do so," she said. "And start cutting people's hair regardless of what's between their legs."










Jayda Kelsall claims that she was riding her bike along Bank Street when saw a sign promising a cheap haircut the Imperial Barber Shop.

Jayda Kelsall was very obviously looking for a conflict that will promote her image to the Pink Triangle Mob. In fact her YouTube video on "sex education" even has a copyright with the Pink Triangle Press. She even refers to herself as "a zinester"

" A noun denoting an individual who creates, and usually distributes their own zine or zines"

With her pink triangle connections, we can be pretty much sure that her "sex education" on "woman's orgasm" has nothing to do with having sex with men.

One would think that in Jayda Kelsall's circle of acquaintances that she would prefer to send her business to a gay hairdresser who might be more willing to listen to her rants and "zines" than straight men.

Unfortunately, Jayda Kelsall projects the image of who she portrays herself to be. That also sends a chilling message to most men who would immediately vacate a "men's barbershop" if she walked in.

Now every man's barber shop in town will live in fear of having some woman with an already very short hair cut, coming in and asking for a cut in front of male customers who are probably running to the door.

What would you do if you are a male barber and two women like Jane Currie and Anji Dimitriou walk in and ask for a cut?

This complaint appears to be for the improper purpose of self promotion and or promoting hatred towards men by a false portrayal of being a victim.

That's a typical tactic of the feminist movement that we hear and see all too often.


What you call vile viral advertising

Jada Kelsall promotes herself as a "sex educator" , wait for it, since she was 15 years old.

One wonders how she gained so much experience and wisdom in the business of female organisms apparently by women for women with women, all at that incredibly young age of 15.

She gives the impression of a young lady suffering serious delusions of grandeur and in need of professional help.

Jayda of course is a well known member of the Pink Triangle community, and it begs the question of what really motivated her, to go into a business, a male business, that looks after men when she is one of the scariest most disturbing images that any straight male wants to have to see while getting a hair cut.

Her motivations appear to be for no other purpose than to promote herself and of course, throw fuel on fire of hatred towards men by those who already have serious anger problems towards the male gender.