Ontario plans four centres to help sexually abused men get counselling, support

First government-sponsored program in Canada to specialize in helping male victims of sexual abuse


The Canadian Press Published on Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010

Ontario men and boys who are victims of sexual abuse will soon be able to get co-ordinated help, support and counselling.

Attorney General Chris Bentley says the province will spend $2-million over the next two years to establish four networks across Ontario, each with a lead agency to co-ordinate services for men.

Bentley says it's the first government program to offer specialized help for male victims of sexual abuse in Canada, and won't be scrapped after two years.

The idea stemmed from the recommendations of a public inquiry into allegations of a sexual abuse ring operating in Cornwall, Ont.

Bentley says funding will be increased if demand is greater than expected, and the program is designed to be flexible to meet the changing needs of victims.

The province will also set up a toll-free hotline for male victims of sexual abuse to call for immediate crisis support.






Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


1st, Ontario insidiously introduces Male Apartheid Legislation in a war against men that deprives children of any right to have a relationship with their father, let alone a Legal Presumption of Equal Parenting after separation that is law in Australia.

2nd, the Judiciary of Ontario Superior Court is riddled with a vile corrupt child abusing underbelly of the Judiciary, several of the worst can be found at 161 Elgin Street, their names are legend, for the wrong reasons in Ottawa Family Court.

Third, the combination of the Male Apartheid Legislation, and Man Hating CORRUPT judges, allows women to get almost anything they ask for most of the time.

Ottawa sees women bringing crazy emergency motions, expecting that they will get one of the vile members of the man hating underbelly and to the credit of the NON underbelly of the judiciary, these crazy feminist motions get tossed out of court.

Most of the time, women do seek and get anything they want. Women gain total control and EVERY man in Ontario knows it.

It means WOMEN have absolute power and Absolute power corrupts and allows those with the power to abuse.

Around 50% of married Ontario men live lives of endless verbal and psychological abuse that may or may not have "physical violence". Women are far more highly skilled at verbal and psychological abuse that is far more damaging than physical violence.

Ontario men need EQUAL LEGAL RIGHTS as do, Ontario Children, Canadian Children have a moral and ethical right to equal parenting by both parents.

While Ontario and Canada continue to deprive men of legal rights, there will be an endless increasing abuse of men by women.

The solution is not "mens shelters" or "counseling" but an END to the Root Cause, Ontario's Failure to end the Male Gender Apartheid, the criminalization of men and the end to debtors prisons for fathers who just seeked access and got hit with fabricated orders for support that are next to impossible to vary.



The Ontario Government has over the last 20 years, introduced draconian legislation that deprives men of due process, and has established a policy of Male Gender Apartheid, its part of the War on Men by extreme Feminists, aka the Canadian Man Haters Association.

This same extreme feminist industry, promotes hatred towards men that is devastatingly effective.

Men like Peter Roscoe can have orders for access and any feminist lawyer with a dead beat judge can simply deprive the father of all legal rights simply because he is male and born with testicles.

Roscoe has not seen his little boy in nearly five years, and he can't even bring a motion to enforce an order for access because Justice Denis Power struck his pleadings, a decision that was overturned by the Ontario Court of Appeal but Justice Denis Power has a long long history of being a flagrant abuser of judicial authority.

It's while we have such vile professional corrupt criminal child abusers mascaraing as judges and bringing the entire administration of justice into illrepute, Ontario Women will continue to rightly believe they can go to court and have total power over any man they choose indefinitely.

Its this cess pool of the judiciary that cause about half of Ontario men to live lives of endless abuse. Those who leave abusive relationship face an even more torturous life of the never ending grief of not being able to be a parent to a child/ren who reside with a abusive mother who thanks to the Ontario Government's policy of promoting hatred towards men.