Crime statistics not accurate, Day suggests

Treasury Board president questions value of census data older than a year

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 3, 2010


CBC News

Treasury Board President Stockwell Day says the government will go ahead with its plan to spend billions for new prisons, suggesting statistics that show crime is declining in Canada are not accurate.

Treasury Board President Stockwell Day speaks during a news conference at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa on Tuesday. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)During a news conference on Tuesday in Ottawa, Day said the government has received indications that more and more people are not reporting crimes committed against them.

"It shows we canít take a Liberal view to crime which is, some would suggest, that it is barely happening at all," Day said. "Still, there are too many situations of criminal activity that are alarming to our citizens, and we intend to deal with that."

When questioned by perplexed reporters, Day did not elaborate on what information source he was basing his claims, but said he would provide figures to them later.

Speaking shortly after Day, Liberal MP Mark Holland said his comments show Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government "doesn't have any respect for facts."

"You don't make up statistics to try to scare people and use crime as a wedge issue," Holland told reporters in Ottawa.

In the meantime, the federal government will not ease off on plans for fiscal restraint despite in other departments, despite indications Canada could eliminate its deficit a year earlier than predicted, Day said.

Last week, the Conference Board of Canada said the federal government should be able to eliminate the annual budget deficit by 2015. The business think-tank said in a report it depends on the government sticking to its promises to constrain spending.

Day said that while the global economic recovery is still "somewhat fragile," the government will continue with its freezes on spending, as well as departmental reviews to look for savings.

"We will be sticking to our fiscal plan," Day said.

In its February budget, the federal government projected a budgetary shortfall of $54 billion in 2010 but said annual deficits should be eliminated through spending cuts by 2016.

Census changes staying

The treasury board president also was adamant that the Conservative government will stick with its controversial plan to scrap the mandatory long-form census.

The government has faced a month of turmoil ever since it announced in late June it would end the mandatory survey and replace it with a voluntary form. Opposition parties, statisticians' groups, provinces, municipalities and social agencies have condemned the move, saying it would lower the quality of data gathered by Statistics Canada and used by a wide array of policy makers.

The government has maintained Canadians should not be coerced through threat of jail time or fines to fill out information they don't want to disclose.

When questioned by reporters over the opposition parties' suggestions to amend the Statistics Act to remove the threat of jail time for those who refuse to fill out long-form census, Day said the government is "open to discussion" on any move to stop "criminalizing Canadians" who don't want to answer "intrusive" questions.

But he maintained the mandatory long-form survey will be abandoned in the spring 2011 census.

He also questioned the value of information gathered by the census, suggesting data older than a year is "untenable in today's information age."

Day also acknowledged he has only heard directly from three people on the census issue in his constituency.

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As usual Stockwell Day gets his facts from what "he feels" thats akin to rubbing a very blurry crystal ball or receiving answers to prayer, republican prayers that is.

It's a classic example of "I don't like the statistics because they disagree with the FACTS, STATISTICS.

Its more of the same Crazy Republican Ideas that support Private Prisons and the Trillion Dollar Farce called being Tough on Crime.

Just one problem, it has no end, it relies on an ever increasing prison population that aims as its goal to have a similar percentage of the population incarcerated as the United States, its another attempt to install the United States as the Final authority in Canada.

Stockwell Day has been and is a simple minded illogical individual with a religious like attitude to law and Order that has no place in a democratic country with respect for the Rule of Law and increasingly, Canadians are loosing the protection of the Rule of Law.

Increasingly, our jails are filled with NON CRIMINALS, they re being filled with FATHERS whose only crime was seeking to have their children have a relationship with both parents, access as its called, not shared parenting.

Any father who seeks access is increasingly being JAILED on the pretext of non payment of Child Support based on orders that made assumptions of income that did not exist or cannot exist or no longer exist but, Cannot be varied.

Ontario in particular has draconian legislation that is specifically designed to remove from fathers, all legal rights even the right to a variation of a support order. It sets up orders that end up years later guaranteed to incarcerate a father and ensure all fathers get the message, you have no legal rights in Canada.


Very obviously, Mr. Harper gave Stockwell Day his script to read, because he has a incredible history of shooting his mouth of with the most incredibly stupid statements.

Perhaps that's why Mr. Harper gave Stockwell Day, the minister for the Treasury Board, the job of Claiming, ... that The STATISTICS on Crime, are all wrong, that the Conservatives have some infinite wisdom, a knowledge of the facts that's better that what even a Census could provide.

Now, now, we know that Harper did his bet to tear up the long form census, improperly installing paranoid unfounded ideas in vulnerable Canadians, and,
then, immediately following that exercise in propaganda, Mr. Harper wishes to tell All Canadians that "we have a problem with crime", "we need more prisons". and of course we do, because Mr. Harper has changed all the rules to ensure that our jails stay filled with the same prisoners for longer periods of time, to ensure that remand prisoners stay without bail longer and to ensure that legal rights are removed.

It's more of the slippery slide into the mad world of a mad dictator who has next to no genuine interest in the real crime , by politicians, who obstruct justice by knowingly provide false information to Canadians.

Real Crime today starts with Stockwell Day and Mr. Harper who think they are beyond the law and the obligation to comply with the law let alone demonstrate the fiduciary duties of a public officer.

The Liberals are seeking to use CSIS as a political weapon for its own election purposes.

It shows the Liberals really don't care about addressing the problem.

Canada's security problems are very well known, almost every foreign power, especially the biggest and those with large populations in Canada are seeking to have their national interests, proper and improper held above those of Canadian interests.

The worst offenders are The United States, Israel and China. The Chinese in particular, have an incredibly large number of their patriotic citizens in Canada and no doubt, a fair chunk are graduates of that special school in Beijing who end up in Canada with top security clearances and who work with and for members of parliament and ministers etc etc.

It's very public knowledge and CSIS only stated the obvious.

The Liberals have a host of genuine issues that would demonstrate some leadership ability however they continue to demonstrate their incompetence as an opposition despite the fact that Mr. Harper keeps shooting himself in the foot.

Politicians with nothing to hide will not object to the CSIS warnings, its those politicians with the loudest voices on this issue that beg the question as to why they are so upset by the statement of CSIS though Richard Faden.


Notice CSIS used conservative estimates of "at least two" , and that implies that there are more.

It's very common knowledge that there are more than two and all the political parties should be doing their own due diligence which they apparently choose not to do as those who are acting for foreign powers are generally very obvious to anyone who knows the signs.