ĎThe world doesnít get ití

A transcript of Omar Khadrís letter to lawyer Dennis Edney, dated May 26, 2010



Note to readers: This is a verbatim transcript. Square brackets have occasionally been used for clarification.

Dear Dennis,

Iím writing to you because sometimes there are things you canít say, but rather write on paper, and even if i were to tell you you wonít understand. So any way, here are the things.

First: About this whole MC [military commission] thing we all donít believe in and know itís unfair and know Dennis that there must be somebody to secrfice to really show the world the unfairness, and really it seems that itís me. Know Dennis that i donít want that. i want my freedom and life, but i really donít see it coming from this way. Dennis you always say that i have an obligation to show the world what is going on down here and it seems that weíve done every thing but the world doesnít get it. So it might work if the world sees the U.S. sentencing a child to life in prison. It might show the world how unfair and sham this process is, and if the world doesnít see all this to what world am i being released to? A world of hate, unjustice and discrimination. I really donít want to live in a life like this. Dennis, justice and freedom have a very high cost and value, and history is a good witness to it, not too far ago or far away how many people secrficed for the civil right law to take affect, Dennis i hate being the head of the speer but life has put me, and as life has put me in hard position and still is, i just have to deal with it and hope for the best results.

Second: the thought of firing every body, as you know is always on my mind so if one day i stop coming or fire you please respect it and forget about me, i know itís hard for you just think about me as a child who died and get along with your life. Of course iím not saying that will or will not happen, but itís on my mind all the time.

Dennis iím so sorry to cause you this pain, but consider it one of your sons had decisions you donít like, but you have to deal with, and always know what you mean to me and know that i will always be teh same person youíve known me and will neevr change, and please donít be sad and be hopeful and know that there is a very merciful and compassionate creator watching us and looking out for us and taking care of us all, you might not understand these thing, but know by experience they have kept me how and who i am.

With love and my best wishes to you, and the family, and every body who loves me, and i love them, back in Canada and I leave you with HOPE and I am living on it, so take care.

Your truly son,


26 May, 2010 @ 11:37 a.m.

p.s. Please keep this letter as private as can be, and as you see appropriate.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Omar Khadr writing shows that he has got his head together and understands that the US Government is bluffing with it's plea bargain.

The U.S. once it realizes that Omar Khadr is not going to plea bargain, it will have no option but to find a "face saving remedy" and the it appears that the only way out is for a finding of not guilty or to have it thrown out at on a defense motion once the trial gets underway.

If Omar Khadr was to be convicted, it will be the greatest embarrassment to the US Justice system that is politically unacceptable.

It would also embarrass Stephen Harper so short of having Omar Khadr meet with a fatal accident in custody, it's now check mate for the US Government and its only a matter of time before he is "deported to Canada".

Obama has probably already phoned Harper and asked him to help him out and take note of the Canadian Court Order but, Harper is a died in the wall, Republican governor of the Great White North and he is not about to commit the crime of heresy against Fox News Doctrine.

The only time, Harper will take note or answer the phone is when Republican HQ calls and tells him the time has come to help out HQ and take Omar Khadr back.





Its what you call an exercise in mad American Republican Justice.

First, Omar Khadr is an "enemy combatant" in a war where the other side does not wear conventional uniforms so on that basis, the US refuses to treat them as prisoners of war.

Second, Omar Khadr was conveniently handed over to the US by Canada in a move that was illegal and contrary to the Charter.

It's Canada's propensity to throw out the Rule book, the Rule of Law and deprive people of legal rights.

Ontario Jails are increasingly being filled with fathers, whose only crime is to be born a male, be a father and go to court to seek an order for their child/ren to have a relationship with both parents.

Its in Ontario's Family Courts where corrupt insults to justice like Power and Sheffield where the Rule of Law is thrown in the trash, as is another father whose legal rights are permanently removed.

Ontario has a disgusting revolting vile underbelly of the judiciary who don't hesitate in exercising their hatred problem against men or anyone who they take a knee jerk dislike to without so much as reading their pleadings.

While Ontario fails to have any thorough judicial screening process that cover's mental health and personality problems, Ontario will continue to hire as judges some of the worst vermin in society who are guaranteed to spend the rest of their lives abusing absolute power and leaving trails of corrupt destruction.