Charges expected for website critical of Calgary police officers




Investigators are expected to announce today criminal charges against a Calgary man accused of running a website that allegedly contains defamatory statements about members of the Calgary Police Service.

Because the officers allegedly targeted by the website are Calgary police officers, the investigation was handled by the RCMP.

Police released no further details on Thursday, but the Herald has learned the target of the investigation is Calgarian John Kelly.

Kelly is the longtime operator of a website that alleges dozens of current and former Calgary police officers -- including several top members -- are involved in corruption.

An "opening statement" on the site's main page reads: "(T) his website is authored solely by John Kelly, and all of the information has been placed on this site by John Kelly, and John Kelly stands by the complete contents of this site, and it forms part of materials to be used in the complaints made against Calgary Police Service officers, and others named on this site, for wrongdoings and corrupt and criminal acts."

Kelly did not respond to messages. Sources said he was in police custody Thursday.

Although defamation is mostly prosecuted through civil lawsuits, it is also a Criminal Code offence.

"A defamatory libel is a matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person," according to the Criminal Code.