Corporal punishment, the next generation


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Corporal punishment is out Ė but its replacements are getting stranger by the minute.

In New Brunswick last year, a teacher sent a boy home with a note saying that he had to wear a dress the next day or be suspended.

After his dad stormed into the principalís office and raised an abusive stink about it, the RCMP was called and he was arrested. His case was resolved last week, with the dad sentenced to probation for a year and forced to make a $200 donation to a school fund.

His defence lawyer told the court that the dress-wearing demand is used by the school to punish kids who are acting up, but that the dad, Ralph Curtis McFarlane, didnít know that at the time.

Weíre not sure that makes it any better. Boys wearing dresses as punishment?

This reminds us of other recent cases of questionable teacher behaviour. There was the Brooklyn special-education student who was suspended after his mom complained about his mouth being duct-taped shut by his teacher. The mother announced this summer that she is suing cityís Department of Education and the teacher for $3-million (U.S.)

Then there was the Edmonton tale of a teacher this summer who snipped a Grade 10 studentís picture out of 150 yearbooks as punishment for negative comments he made in his profile about the school principal: The student falsely accused the administrator of spending money on a fence instead of textbooks. The school reprinted the yearbooks.

Parents, what would you have done in the dress situation? (Short of violence, of course.)



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

It's part of the "Feminization" of Boys in schools.
Firstly, there are hardly any male elementary school teachers left,
its a shrinking population, schools are therefore increasingly composed
of Female teachers who have less understanding of how boys behave
differently from girls and need a different approach.

Forcing a boy to wear a dress, is extremely degrading and the its an insult to society
for a school, to be able to use the police, to intimidate and harass any parent who
expresses an objection!

The only solution is to have a legal presumption of Equal Parenting after separation,
which will be the game changer in ensuring that children have a relationship with their
father after separation.

Right now, mothers are given custody as though its a presumption, judges, the especially the underbelly of the Judiciary, seem to treat men as wild bulls and women as sacred cows and apply a Sharia style of law, that is, men have no legal rights and women can do anything they wish.

It's time for change to end the cess pool of hatred that oozes from the walls of every family court room in the country.