Deal in works for Khadr guilty plea

Paul Koring

Washington— Globe and Mail Update


Makes you wonder about the legal advice or more the point, the threats that have been made to Omar Khadr to "extract" a "plea bargain" so close the the US mid term elections.

It also begs questions about what threats Canada has made behind the scenes to pull off what can only be a political ace card for Stephen Harper.

At the end of the day, we can assume, that Stephen Harper has pulled off a "sweetheart deal" with his Republican masters to have Khadr end up with a conviction, back in Canada so that Mr. Harper can keep scaring Canadians with Republican fears.

The latest batch of accused terrorists released on bail shows the government's one-eyed obsession with chasing terrorists and using security issues to undermine the Rule of Law and the fundamental principles of Justice.

All Omar Khadr had to do was sit out another couple of months or years and he would return with a clean slate. Now, he will return with a convicted terrorist record that will for ever dam him, thanks to Canada depriving him of his legal rights.