Who's going to advocate for boys?

Globe and Mail Update

Boys have few advocates in Canada,” wrote Dr. Fred Mathews in a 2003 editorial in which he cited alarming trends in juvenile crime, learning disabilities, graduation rates and suicide.

“Girls are fortunate to have the women's movement behind them to promote their issues. No similar support exists for young males,” he wrote. “By almost every measure of well-being, boys trail girls in Canada and yet we fail to acknowledge boys' issues. What keeps boys and young men off the social policy radar screen? We are, after all, speaking about children and youth.”

Seven years later, has anything changed? We check in with Dr. Mathews for a live chat and Q&A Wednesday, Oct. 20 at noon ET. (Read his bio below)

Dr. Mathews is a Toronto-based child and adolescent psychologist. He authored a key document in 1996 called The Invisible Boy: Revisioning the Victimization of Male Children and Teens for the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (Health Canada). In 2002, he was conference co-chair for Canadian Boys: Untold Stories, the First National Conference on the Status of Male Children in Canada.

Dr. Mathews works as a consultant to federal, provincial, territorial, municipal and foreign governments, First Nations Bands, and to public and private sector agencies on youth-at-risk issues. He taught for 10 years in the graduate school at the University of Toronto. He has chaired, given keynote addresses, and provided over 500 workshops at local, national, and international conferences in Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Venezuela. He regularly provides training to government officials, police forces, crown attorneys, probation officers, judges, teachers, school officials and child and youth care professionals on male victims, child abuse, youth gangs, street youth, crime prevention and school safety. He has authored over 50 studies, journal articles, book chapters, and resource documents. Dr. Mathews has received numerous awards for his contributions to youth crime and violence prevention, psychology in education, and children’s mental health.






Being a Canadian born with testicles is a crime of innocence and almost every male in Canada will one day be on the receiving end of the Extreme Feminist War on Men that has created a Male Sharia Law that effectively deprives men of legal rights.

The Male Sharia Law means any disgruntled mentally ill "mother" can make any wild allegation that becomes assumed a fact with a 'reverse onus'. The legal decisions are then handled by some of the worst examples of humanity that who end up in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Appeal as part of the "rat pack", "the underbelly of the judiciary" that subterranean group of ethically challenged judges who are famous for their ability to engage in "the process of justification".

The names of Catherine Aitken, Desousa, Sheffield Power and Roy are famous for their "lack of reported decisions", that is, they cover their trail of destruction by failing to report decisions and the decisions that they report are complete fabrications to "justify the decision".

While we have NO police for the Judiciary, while the Judiciary habitually and flagrantly make corrupt decisions that apply the Male Sharia Law against men, boys will continue to be abused from birth by being assumed to being a sub species.

For every boy who is denied justice, who is treated inferior, who is denied affection and tuition, who is denied a father, there are a number of female victims to boot. There is a mother, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother whose lives are also destroyed, not to mention the father.

Now, its a multi-generational problem and the only solution is a Legal Presumption of Equal Parenting, reform of the judiciary, mental health screening for judges and, mandatory reporting of ALL Legal Decisions by judges. Not to mention a dramatic overhaul of the justice system that funds a 33 billion dollar rip off from Canadians that funds "Male Sharia Law".


Your "sense" and "feeling" and "boustious classroom" have nothing to do with reality and appear to be delusions and or hallucinations.

When male teachers are a dying breed, and fake allegations rampant, one needs to understand that these fake allegations are all too often based on perverted paranoid "feelings" grounded in underlying mental health problems, childhood sexual abuse and a paranoid pathological hatred of males.



Thanks Peter,
Our societies are "feminized" and women without prior experience with boys tend to fail to understand how, boys are different. Girls and Boys sleep best, and have the best appetite when they do lots of exercise. however boys really need to get their dose of outdoor exercise and engage in stimulating activities that are also training for life.

Unfortunately, many women think boys behaviour is somehow wrong, and often they turn to medication or other equally inappropriate solutions. It's not uncommon for mothers, to medicate boys with what ever they have to "calm them down".

Australia did it right, they brought in a Legal Presumption of equal parenting, reform of the judicial selection process.

Canada lags far behind with most judgments not reported and the subterranean group of corrupt judges keeps on growing and keeps on making blatantly biased decisions to give women the kids and put him in poverty to prevent any chance of the father being an equal parent.

Canada has a 33 billion dollar scam called family law and its all about feeding the lawyers and nothing about children.



Thanks Dazzer,
Unconditional love, empathy and compassion are essentials for boys and girls to develop, so is an open mind in how our children can teach us how to help them develop.

It's when preconceived notions, driven by extreme feminist views come into play that basically criminalizes males at birth.

Canada has a corrupt judiciary that applies a Male Sharia Law. Its time for that war on men and boys to end.