Khadr pleads guilty at Guantanamo Bay

Last Updated: Monday, October 25, 2010

Canadian-born Omar Khadr has pleaded guilty to all five charges against him, including murder and supporting terrorism, as part of a plea deal with prosecutors at the U.S. military commission at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The 24-year-old had earlier maintained he would never confess to throwing the grenade that killed a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan in July 2002. U.S. officials allege he did so after an attack by U.S. forces on a suspected al-Qaeda compound. Sgt. Christopher Speer was killed and another soldier was wounded.

Khadr withdrew his previous pleas of not guilty shortly after his trial resumed at 9 a.m. ET on Monday. He was then placed under oath so that military judge Col. Patrick Parrish can question him about the truth and sincerity of his pleas.




The Khadr family name is probably one of the most hated in Canada which has deprived Mr. Khadr of the support he should have got and would have got if it was not for the hatred that Canadians have for that family.

Notice that the United States, demands an admission that he was "unqualified therefore to shoot back. All this is apparently because he was "not in a uniform".

At the moment of the first photograph taken of the badly wounded Mr. Khadr also standing over him is one American, apparently special forces, in blue jeans and a baseball cap, apparently any US citizen according to the United States can engage and kill the enemy while they don't wear an uniform, civilian clothes and quite frequently, long hair and long beards to blend in as much as possible with the locals.

The sentencing deal is predictable, it will be exactly like Hicks who got a short term back in Australia after being flow back on a luxury corporate jet at cost of $500,000.

The US government will attempt to as much as possible "silence Khadr for ever" by way of publication bans by way of "conditions" .

All that will be debatable at a later date when he is released a few months later in Canada and when he starts making public appearances.

The United States will loose the war in the public arena, almost every other country on the planet will be revolted by the American abuse of legal power for their own self serving short term interests while being blind to the incredible prejudice their prosecution has caused and will cause the United States for decades to come.

Now, every member of the US military who has worn civilian clothes and killed others will be open game to be apprehended and tried on foreign soil after of course, a decade before a plea bargain.



Mr. Harper is solely responsible for failing to protect the legal rights of Mr. Khadr and for that he will be remembered as the Canadian Prime Minister who had a flagrant contempt for the principles of justice.

The plea "bargain" needs to be viewed in the light of the Canadian Government's denial of a plea bargain and then a sudden admission that there really was a plea bargain in conjunction with Canada after all.

That's just another example of Mr. Harper's fundamental willingness to lie to Canadians for what he sees as his Republican principles that are devoid of the principles of Justice, the Rule of law and democracy.

Mr. Khadr is like David Hicks, held for ten years in jail until he "confessed" and pleaded to be able to go home.

The fact is for nearly a decade, Mr. Khadr refused to plead guilty and that is how the world should view Mr. Khadr.

Most telling is that the American Voice of Propaganda CNN has not got a single mention in any of its news about Khadr. Neither ha USNEWS, or ANY Major US news network.

Very obviously, the US Government is engaged in an incredible act of censorship of something that is incredibly embarrassing .

While Harper's government denied a deal was taking place,
CNN has another story.
"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reaching out to Canadian officials this week as part of a U.S. effort to resolve the case of Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr, according to two sources."

Notice that don't state the sources.

Now, the "sentencing" appears to be "hammered out" " by negotiations , read "reaching out" by Hillary Clinton".

Amazing how even Obama will prostitute his fiduciary legal obligations for political reasons to satisfy Republican interests and to ward off, any attack that he failed to have empathy for the "victim" of Omah Khadr whose family was going to testify as "victims".

And thats about as legally just as a cross between a Salem Witch Trial and a Kangaroo Court.

Canadians despite their hatred of the Khadr family, need to remember that at the end of the day, Mr. Harper failed to protect a Canadian child and allowed him to be tried as a child soldier despite all of Canadians public policy against using children as soldiers.

Mr. Harper's has an incredible flagrant contempt for the fundamental principles of justice and democracy, all based on "the process of justification", that is, Mr. Harper can break any and all laws, contravene any and all fundamental principles of justice all because it supports his Republican dogma.

Its time for change. Funny how Igy is being very quiet.

If you despise the Khadr family, that is understandable, and if you despite Khadr that too is understandable but please, think logically, think rationally, and don't allow your underlying dislike for Khadr or his family to undermine or prevent rational thinking before you post.

Please remember that Omar Khadr was only TEN years old when he was sent by his family for "indoctrination" by his parents.

What hope did Mr. Khadr have of being able to think for himself under those circumstances? Did that TEN year old have a choice? Should he face ANY COURT? and if he his to face a court, then it begs the question as to why he does not face a CANADIAN COURT or if you deprive his rights, to face a normal US Criminal Court, not a Kangaroo Court of Political convenience that defies all international laws and makes a mockery of the fundamental principles of law.

The American argument goes that he was in plain clothes and not part of an army. Well just what do you call all those CIA operatives carrying out assasinations all over the world or the murder of tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq?

The United States has some very dirty hands and its those dirty hands that Canadians should be outraged about, and not the Khadr family.


Just how young does one have to be NOT to be a child soldier?

The united states view is that TEN years old, is when Omar was shipped off by HIS PARENTS to be indoctrinated and a child soldier. the later age of 15 is really irrelevant under the circumstances.

Note that Khadr's parents were never charged and perhaps it was his parents who should be charged with what ever charges available than Omar Khadr.

It is for this reason that the United States will have for decades some extremely dirty hands that will only fuel anger towards the United States and cost at least, thousands more lives of US military and hundreds of Canadians.

Its a Kangaroo court of political convenience and legal injustice.

Readers should note that the CBC "moderator" rate of approval of posts seems to have taken a nose dive.
Wonder why?

The American flaunting this kangaroo court "Plea Bargain" must be considered as
just yet , more torture to extract , successfully, an "Iranian Confession".

While the United States presently has two of it's " alleged spies" held in custody in Iran
it shows extremely dirty hands when it "extracts a confession" that will only
generate for the United States bad will not to mention an incredible amount of hatred
that will cost untold thousands of lives.

The United States is incapable of adopting anything other than a Religious view of the world and the sham trial has as much legal authority as the Salem Witch Hunts or Iranian trials of alleged American spies.

The United States has failed to consider the consequences of its actions and the incredible loss to its international reputation as a country that abuses the principles of justice for its political / religious crusades.

Mr Harper has been complicit in the confession obtained by torture by Mr. Harper's failure to respect the Rule of Law.

Yes said Khadr, when asked if he knew what he was doing. He was getting out, a guaranteed ticket to Canada just as soon, one year after the American Equiv of the Spanish Inquisition publicity dies down.

One problem,
David Hicks is now selling a $55 book, an incredible book, Khadr's book promises to be riveting extremely embarrassing reading that the Americans have delayed for nearly 12 years.

Fact is, Khadr was only TEN years old when his parents, the real criminals sent him for indoctrination.

The US sham court makes no mention of his parent's acts.