CAS hopeful crisis can be averted

CHILDREN'S AID SOCIETY: London agency has projected it will run out of cash by January, jeopardizing the care of 885 children

By JONATHAN SHER, The London Free Press

Last Updated: October 27, 2010 9:21am



With the fate of 885 children in the balance and its funding soon to run out, the local Children's Aid Society will meet today with provincial officials who control the purse strings.

That meeting comes as the political stakes were raised this week when NDP leader Andrea Horwath accused the Dalton McGuinty government of trying to hide a secret plan to gut the agency and cast out one-quarter of the kids in its care.

"Can the Premier tell us, what are the children at risk and the families in crisis supposed to do? Where are they supposed to go for help?" Horwath asked Tuesday in the legislature.

The NDP requested the government disclose a plan to cut 25% from the The Children's Aid Society of London & Middlesex, which already projects a $4.6-million deficit and expects to run out of cash in January.

The government instead provided a budget document in which all but the current year was whited-out.

"Why won't the minister disclose full details of the proposal she has for slashing programs for at-risk children and youth in London-Middlesex?," Horwath asked Youth and Children's Services Minister Laurel Broten.

Broten ignored the questions about London, instead defending a province-wide effort to make Children's Aid services more sustainable.

"We're absolutely committed to making sure that our services remain steady and stable for the children and families that need them," she said.

What that will mean for London may become apparent today when ministry officials meet with the agency's board and senior management.

Earlier this month Broten fired Huron-Perth CAS executive director Tom Knight and dissolved the board of directors after they announced the agency would lay off 125 staff and close Dec. 15 due to a lack of funds.

Officials in London were optimistic Tuesday the resolution here would be positive.

The London agency, with a $70-million budget, is the fifth largest CAS in Ontario. Earlier this year it said it would close the last of its three group homes, a move staff there said would abandon children who are so troubled they aren't taken in by foster parents.

Eleven Children's Aid Societies have asked a court to order the province to pay tens of millions of dollars they say is needed to keep their doors open, a case expected to hit the courts in late November or early December.


Poppycock, the odds of the CAS actually laying off 125 staff is entirely remote. CAS across Canada operated with virtually unlimited funds, their lawyers operated with unlimited funds to litigate against those who generally dont have any and are forced to use the lowest paid least motivated least able legal aid lawyers who are generally not even paid for the hours they do.

CAS workers are generally, brainwashed in "feminist studies" resulting in the practice of Male Sharia Law, where workers see their role as helping mothers regardless of their problems, retain custody while doing their utmost to trash the father. They are to fathers, collectively, one of the most despised state institutions.

Since Mike Harris days, the Ontario Government has declared war on poverty by criminalizing poverty and instituting a War On Men all as a result of pressure from Extreme Feminists that dominate "women's studies" that brainwash every graduating social worker. The result is a zealout prosecution to keep a revolving wheel of institutions generating "cases" that fund foster care, and an entire industry that has a financial incentive to apprehend children and place them in care.

While that goes on, genuine workers allow children to live in the most terrible conditions, the average person would be shocked at the danger children face "under supervision"


The underbelly of the Ontario Family Court often treat CAS workers as sacred cows with halo's around their heads and any father as a violent lying criminal who was at born the wrong gender to have any contact with children.

The solution is reform of family law from the judiciary to Equal Parenting Legislation.

The underbelly of the Ontario Family Court often treat CAS workers as sacred cows with halo's around their heads and any father as a violent lying criminal who was at born the wrong gender to have any contact with children.
The solution is a total reform of family law from policing the judiciary to Equal Parenting Legislation.

CAS abuses are facilitated by the Corrupt Underbelly of the Judiciary who have a pathological hatred of men and a psychopathic ability to remove children from any contact with their fathers. Their names are well known. In Ottawa, The Honourable Mr. Justice Allan Sheffield  is famously called "The Worst of the Worst". A lot of fathers would add other names to that list. Denis Power, Catherine Aitken "The Fembox of Ottawa", a bitter divorced woman who leaves an endless trail of destruction. 

Ontario has tens of thousands of angry fathers who have seen CAS assist mentally ill violent women get custody and with CAS assistance, terminate a child's relationship with their father. The CAS are collectively regarded as an instrument of Male Gender Apartheid of a ruthless organization that has extreme financial greed that never ends. Many a father has had the CAS provide silver bullets against the father only years later to have CAS remove the children from that same mother and unfortunately, some of the time, the father is never even informed, his legal rights were destroyed years ago.
Such is the tragic story of child protection and family law in Ontario.
Its enough to make the strongest stomachs puke.