The man is blamed

Wife murders kids, yet her husband is vilified, based on untested evidence


Last Updated: November 19, 2010 9:10am

The more you read about Elaine Campione, the Barrie, Ont. baby killer, the more you want to scream bloody murder.

You want to scream at the judge. You want to scream at the Children’s Aid Society.

You want to scream at feminist fossils who seem to have the legal system in a headlock.

No-fault divorce has turned into man-fault custody battles. This week, even though the jury convicted a mother of first-degree murder and she was sentenced to life in prison, the judge attacked the girls’ innocent father, Leo Campione, in his closing remarks.

The default position of the Canadian bench is whatever crime a woman commits it’s probably the man’s fault. And it makes you want to scream. Please know you are not alone.

Everyone, except the herd of usual suspects — Sun Media haters, knee-jerk contrarians, feminist ideologues — is screaming. In this wonderfully democratic medium, the suspects can post their venom online, below this column.

While the country needs to have a real coast-to-coast primal scream, we also need to quietly ask disquieting questions.

1) If Russell Williams was a woman would her husband be blamed for the deaths of two women?

2) If Russell Williams was a woman, would such little national media attention paid to that case as there has been to the Campione killings?

3) If Russell Williams was a woman would there be silence instead of a great deal of media psycho babble about how men have made women hate themselves so much that some can’t help but act out by murdering other females?

4) Does anyone think some of the ancient bra-burning feminists might, before they go to the other side, offer a death-bed confession?

5) Might they confess that some of the man hatred they’ve unleashed resulted in a lot of damaged families and abuse against men and children?

6) Would such a confession be enough to allow us to do something truly progressive, like have courts treat men as the equals of women?

7) What was Justice Alfred Stong thinking when he said this about Leo Campione, a man never convicted or cross-examined on abuse charges? “It is more than disconcerting to think that if Ms. Campione had not been so abused, so used and discarded as a person, her two daughters could still be alive.’’

8) My final question is for the judge himself. Mr. Justice Stong, I need to ask you the same question once asked of another bully from a bygone era. U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, a man who wanted to condemn people without being encumbered by the need for evidence was asked: “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

As they say in court, those are all my questions.

- Adler is a national talk radio host on the Corus radio Network, and can also be found at and

1-2 Thanks to Charles Adler and all the other journalists including Cristie Blachford, Rosie Dimano who have given this story the attention it deserves.

Charles Adler reflects the hatred that literally oozes out of the court room walls.
Justice Alfred Stong is just one of the very large group of man haters that got to be a judge without any mental health screening.

To be a judge in Ontario, you generally have to be a man hater, being a psychopath and or having a borderline personality or just a total void of empathy are more likely to get you on the bench than all the qualities of the saints of the judiciary who never ever get a complaint. -cont


If think Afred Stong is bad, just come to 161 Elgin Street Ottawa, where billions of dollars is handed out by judges to their favourite lawyers against those they don't like or those who are easiest to abuse, the self represented litigant.


Judges like Sheffield Power Ratushney, Aitken Desousa are famous for ordering massive costs against self represented litigants even if they are successful in the cause. Ask any lawyer in Ottawa who is the most corrupt , the "worst of the worst" and one name will be mentioned with more hatred than any other judge in Canada, the dishonourable, the corrupt, Justice Allan D. Sheffield.