Ontario police can impound vehicles for longer list of offences starting today

Toronto— The Canadian Press


Starting today, motorists in Ontario can lose their wheels for a longer list of offences.

Police can now impound the vehicles of motorists found driving with a suspended licence, having a blood-alcohol level over .08, refusing to provide a breath sample or not having a required ignition lock device.

The new rules that allow vehicles to be impounded for seven days include drivers whose licences have been suspended for not making family support payments.

The changes were included in amendments to the Ontario Road Safety Act passed in 2009.

Motorists in Ontario can already lose their vehicles and licences for seven days if they are charged under the province's stunt driving law.



IF, politicians really gave a rat's behind about the best interests of children, including support, they would have ensured that Canada has a legal presumption of equal parenting, equitable child support legislation and a police for the judiciary who lawlessness makes them the hitmen for the Legal Cartel.

Canada FLUSHES 33 Billion dollars down the drain that does nothing for children of litigants but plenty for the children of the legal cartel.




Any male thinking of moving to Ontario or Canada, needs to know that men have no legal rights. Ontario has "Debtors prisons" where men, generally fathers, are put in jail for one purpose, not to collect support but to prevent their children from having a relationship with them.

Less than a handful of women have ever been threatened with jail for failing to facilitate access.
Women are encouraged to habitually "scoff" at court orders for access, and judges simply say, "I'm not using the "big stick" of a criminal sanction, against a mother while being all to ready to throw a loving devoted father in jail so he CANT see his kids.

For this we can thank our gutless politicians who install, politically correct gutless judges who are riddled with personality disorders, and even psychopaths like Allan Sheffield, Denis Power and the most bitter man hater in Ottawa, Catherine Aitken.



When will they ever learn?

Remember Andy Renouf, could not pay his support order, used his last money to put gas in the tank and put the exhaust into his car. That was how his support ordered was varied.

Then there was Darrin White, he hung himself when he was ordered to pay more support than he earned.

Across Ontario, tens of thousands of fathers earn "high incomes" but live in poverty while the mother of their children spends all her time brain washing the children that their father is a no good Dead Beat Dad who is going to jail, and ensuring that the kids never see their father again.

Judges in Ontario almost NEVER order spousal support to be paid by a woman to a man.
This has been made blantently obvious by legal commentators, its a fact, the judiciary are under an unwritten rule, not to order spousal support for men from women.

The same goes for child support, women are given custody, even mentally ill violent women simply to comply with the judicial practice of giving women anything and everything they want.

Its not law, its lawlessness, it means our Ontario Judiciary are collectively the lowest forms of life in Canada not to mention the worst abusers of adults and children.

"enough is enough"

"its enough to make you want to puke"

Those are two famous quotes from two well known insults to justice.



It takes Dead Beat politicians to listen to dead beat extreme feminists and the "one stop divorce shop" lobby group, to hire Dead Beat Corrupt judges who create, dead beat dads, on behalf of dead beat mothers who are hell bent on ensuring that their children never ever know their father who they can proudly inform that their daddy can't see them because he is in jail.

Its enough to make you want to puke




Ontario is truly a lawless police state run by extreme feminists.
Ontario has draconian feminist legislation, that orders child support based not on "income" but rather a "Sheffield" calculation, that means, what ever a judges "thinks" is "fair", that's right, the judge, like Ottawa's infamous Justice Allan Sheffield dreams up, "a number" of what "
he thinks" "is fair", that number is called the 'father's income', note: not imputed income, just "Income for the purposes of calculating support according to the guidelines"

In the old days before child support "guidelines" each case was considered, judges used at least a "rule of thumb" a percentage of gross income.

Now, that judicial discretion is flagrantly abused to give what ever a judge "thinks is fair" , REGARDLESS of income tax returns and without, note, without any imputation of income.

Those orders are then made "impossible to vary". The support order can't be paid, it goes to default, the father cannot by law ask for any variation. He is then going to be repeatedly indefinitely incarcerated by the Ontario Police State where the arrears just get getting larger and larger and of course, all of the arrears must be paid, as well as 'security for costs" before a variation hearing can be obtained.

In practical terms, low income or full time parent fathers are effectively incarcerated, not for "support" which is the apparent reason, but for TERMINATING children's relationships with fathers.

Such fathers can't afford a lawyer, they end up being "self represented" and end up before the underbelly of the judiciary like Justice Denis Power, Cheryl Robertson who have a pathological hatred towards self represented litigants that coincidently makes outragious "orders for costs", paid directly to their former law partners, former associates and to enforce the "legal cartel" that says, you can't go to court without paying the legal cartel.

If you move to another country or province, the order CANNOT be changed. Other provinces must send any "request" back to FRO , who ask the mother "if she agrees" and of course she does not and the order stands.

Judges like Allan Sheffield, Denis Power, Ratushny are often "available" to hear outragious motions with requested orders that no reasonable judge would even consider. That means these judges are CORRUPT. Sheffield is probably the worst offender in Canada, he takes orders for hearings, he makes arrangements to hold motions, motions that permanently remove a litigants right to access to the courts FOREVER.

Thats something that only the worst most vile example of humanity in the judiciary would ever be willing to do. Justice Allan Sheffield does it habitually to the discredit of the judiciary and the legal profession.

It's time for Allan Sheffield to be fired.