WikiLeaks website forced to move again


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WikiLeaks' American domain name system provider withdrew service to the name after the secret-spilling website once again became the target of hacker attacks.

EveryDNS said in a statement that it dropped the website late Thursday because the attacks threatened the rest of its network.

WikiLeaks responded by moving to a Swiss domain name,

EveryDNS said in a statement that “ has become the target of multiple distributed denial of service attacks. These attacks have, and future attacks would, threaten the stability of the infrastructure.” EveryDNS provides access to some 500,000 websites.

In a tweet on Friday, the owner of EveryDNS, Dynamic Network Services Inc., wrote that “trust is paramount: Our users and customers are our most important asset.” It did not specify whether it was referring to WikiLeaks, however.

WikiLeaks confirmed the drop in a separate tweet, saying “ domain killed by US after claimed mass attacks.” It was not clear where the alleged attacks were coming from.

Earlier this week, WikiLeaks' Swedish server host, Bahnhof, confirmed that the website had been hit by a cyber attack just before it leaked thousands of classified U.S. diplomatic cables.

In addition to the latest batch of sensitive documents, WikiLeaks has angered the U.S. and other governments by publishing almost half a million secret documents about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is not clear how WikiLeaks obtained the diplomatic documents, but the U.S. government's prime suspect is an Army private, Bradley Manning, who is in custody on charges of leaking other classified documents to WikiLeaks.

On Wednesday, Inc. – who had provided WikiLeaks with use of its servers to distribute embarrassing State Department communications and other documents – evicted it. The site remains on the servers of its Swedish provider.

The ouster from Amazon came after congressional staff questioned the company about its relationship with WikiLeaks. Sen. Joe Lieberman praised Amazon's action and said it should “set the standard” for companies WikiLeaks is using to distribute “illegally seized material”

The founder of WikiLeaks, 39-year old Australian Julian Assange, has been out of public sight for nearly a month. Sweden has issued an Europe-wide arrest warrant for him over allegations of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion. The exact nature of the allegations are still unclear. Mr. Assange's Swedish and British lawyers claim their client has attempted to assist in the questioning but that his offers have so far been turned down. According to his lawyers, he has also yet to receive formal notice of the allegations.

An American defence official has also indicated that U.S. government lawyers are investigating whether Mr. Assange can be prosecuted for spying. He is also risks legal action in his homeland, where Australia's Attorney-General Robert McClelland has said Australia would detain Mr. Assange if possible in response to the warrant filed in the Swedish case by Interpol.

While a fugitive, Mr. Assange has spoken publicly only through online interviews.





Commentary by the


Sweden's relationship with the United States is now front and centre.
The "red" stinks of not just American complicity but direction. The Swedish charges defy reality, they are a charge of "surprise sex" laid by two women at exactly the same time when their incidents were supposedly separate.

The CIA appear to have taken a leaf out of the Russian FSB and gone for the sexual sting.

It makes you wonder when we will see the video of the hidden camera's that supposedly document these alleged offences.

What is interesting is that WikiLeaks is funded by donations.

If you believe in the value of WikiLeaks to the world, put your money to one of the worlds most deserving causes.




Harper and Palin allege that Julian Assange is a terrorist with blood on his hands as a diversion
the blood on their own hands.

The fact is, "whistle blowers" are hated by the those corrupt politicians who have next to absolute power and a criminal mentality that the end justifies the means.

Canada's international reputation as a country with the Rule of Law, objectivity, compassion and impartiality, has over the at least the last ten years, been in spiral dive to the point that there is little difference between Washington and its appointed governors in Canada. Harper being a virtual Republican Governor of the state of the Great White North.

What is most damming, is the revelation that Mr. Harper's Former Chief of Staff, who coincidentally is now "former Chief of Staff" called for the Assassination of Julian Assange!


That's a criminal offense in Canada but you won't see the R.C.M.P or any other Canadian Police force laying that charge anytime soon.

The fact is, "WikiLeaks" is at least saving lives, and Julian Assange's live is one that might be saved by those leaks.

When governments break international law, when the US military use Black Hawk helicopters to use 20mm cannon to mercilessly mow down unarmed Iraqi civilians including children, it is only the most courageous of individuals who place their own lives at risk of "assassination" to expose those war crimes.

While WikiLeaks exists, it serves as a warning to those in power who commit war crimes that are people in this world like Julia Assange who 'sets the example' of holding those criminals up to the spot light.

Canada should be offering Julia Assange safe haven not asking for his "assassination".

The dubious charges of rape, are coincidental to the Mr. Assange becoming threat of embarrassment to governments the world over who need to know that their improper acts may just be on the web for all to see.

At the end of the day, WikiLeaks stands to save an incredible number of lives, and raise the standards of governments the world over by holding them accountable.