Australia says Assange entitled to consular help if arrested

SydneyŚ The Associated Press

Australia's government says the country will give consular help to WikiLeaks' founder if he is arrested abroad.

However, the administration again condemned WikiLeaks' publication of secret U.S. diplomatic documents, saying doing so threatens the security of the United States and its allies.

Attorney General Robert McClelland told reporters Monday that WikiLeaks was grossly irresponsible for publishing the documents because they could identify informants.

Still, he says WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is entitled to return to his home country and to receive consular help from Australian officials if he is arrested overseas.

Mr. Assange, who is in Britain, is wanted for questioning in Sweden over allegations including rape and sexual molestation.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Julia Gillard walked into a press release and spun the world a story about "the foundation stone" that she repeated like a broken record to explain the 'criminal offenses" that Julia Assange has supposedly committed, wait for it, in the United States of America.

Julia Gillard raved on how Australian Federal police were supposedly "looking" but admitted she had NO contact from them.

Then she decided to stick the knife into Julian Assange by referring to "Potential matters arising from Sweden". Well we all know what rose and the only issue is Sweden's definition of rape being what rose not being covered with latex for at least part of the time that two adults engaged in consensual sex.

Julia Gillard makes it very clear that she understands that the Swedish charges are bogus and that once he is arrested, he will shipped off to the USA to be incarcerated for life on the pretext of bogus trumped up charges very obviously made under pressure from the United States.

Julia Gillard is an international embarrassment and its time for her to go.



What hypocrisy! While Julia Gillard goes all the way with the USA , she makes it quite clear that "her government", that she holds by a slender vote of 3 independent MPs, will look for a criminal offense he may have committed, as an Australian citizen etc.

That means, Julia Gillard, and her "Attorney General Robert McClelland will ship the United States most wanted man off to the USA when its blatantly obvious that the only offense that Julian Assange has committed is to be a "whistle blower" on international war crimes.

Take that spectacular video of US Helicopter blowing away innocent civilians and children and the psychopathic lack of empathy for their obvious murder of unarmed civilians.

Just when is the USA going to charge them?

Australian or Canadian Citizenship has next to no value and infers zero rights when you are politically incorrect and on the wrong side of the Government's agenda.

Thats a very sad fact about Australia when it was founded on the injustice of the British Justice practice of Transportation.



Australian citizenship, like Canadian citizenship, has no value if you are politically incorrect. Canada and Australia do "indirectly" that their laws prohibit "directly" so that those who rock the political boat are literally deported from their own countries or placed under so much "legal, but Illegal harassment they leave Canada or Australia for ever.

The Australian bucket mouth politically correct prime minister is holding power by a very small thread. The only reason she remains in power is not due to her leadership ability, not due to her passion or suitability for the job but because of her skill in coming up with generic politically correct statements.

Australian PM, Julia Gillard has "gone all the way with the USA" and is just another Australian or Canadian PM who is a literal poodle for the USA.

Back in the days of the VietNam war, Australia's then PM, used it as a slogan, "All the way with L.B.J".

Going all the way is a form of prostitution, so is being a bully, abusing absolute power and allowing others to abuse power against those who are defenseless and in need of protection of their rights of Citizenship.

We live in increasingly dangerous times where legal rights are in a spiral dive.

We need to remember that Julian Assange is a classic if not heroic "whistle blower" and if it happens to him, it can and will happen to increasingly less political annoyances to those in power be it anywhere.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and we need to understand that one the only way of defending against the Big Brother and its abuse of absolute power is to support "whistle blowers" and in particular, Julian Assange who it appears the United States has paid Sweden to issue the first warrant and thereby incarcerate him for life in the United States for the crime of exposing war criminals and holding them accountable.