Julian Assange - victim or villain?

Cate Swannell   |  December 11th, 2010

CAN someone please explain to me what it is exactly that Julian Assange has done that's so wrong?

Let's put aside the question of the rape and sexual assault charges against him for a moment, because, obviously, if those charges are genuine and he is proven guilty of them, then he should go to jail.

But, to be honest, this whole brouhaha -- the US Justice Department is now trying to find ways of extraditing the Australian to America, according to the Wall Street Journal, for crying out loud -- its not about rape and sexual assault charges.

Assange has done ... what? ... facilitated the publication of international diplomatic memos that were leaked to him.

He didn't steal those memos. He didn't kill anyone to get hold of them, as far as we know. All he did was do what every newspaper editor and program director around the world does every working minute of every day.

Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

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"The odds are improving every day of Julian Assange being found guilty firstly in the court of public opinion and secondly in a Swedish court.Take a gander at his TV interviews, he displays a contempt for the Swedish allegations and his sole reason for not consenting to extradition is that he thinks he is above Swedish law. He could not even come up with any logical answer as to why he should not be extradited.What was even more damming are "the walkouts", as soon as any journalist asks a"