NDP leader Jack Layton tells Edmonton credit card companies are Christmas Grinches


New Democrat Party leader Jack Layton, centre, NDP federal candidate for Edmonton Centre, Lewis Cardinal, left, and Alberta NDP leader Brian Mason make their way to a newsconference at Carbon Environmental Boutique in Edmonton Sunday, December 12, 2010.

Photograph by: Chris Schwarz, edmontonjournal.com

Commentary by the Ottawa mens Centre


If we are talking about Gringes, Jack Layton has got score a 6.0 from every father in Canada whose children are prohibited from having the love and affection of their father.

Jack Layton stands firmly in the extreme feminist cperm robbing camp where men are good for sperm and child support. and , for filling our jails with fathers ordered to pay support on income that either did not exist or can't exist or based on orders that cannot be varied, thanks the Canada's number one Grinch Jack Layton of the No Dads Party.



Yes, Credit card companies abuse their power, they give out cards at reasonable rates and once in debt, jack up the rates to nearly 30%. Its a form of fraud.

Jack Layton is no better. He was a key person in the feminist "war on men", and, relies largely on that extreme feminist element for votes. If you are a male, think carefully about how men have no legal rights in Canada, think about how and why we have child support guidelines that have built in spousal support, which means, rich women get spousal support from men in poverty who are in poverty thanks to the exteme feminist movement, sponsored by Canada's number one Gringce Jack Layton, the promoter of Male Sharia Law and the "war on men". It makes you want to puke.