Assange issues plea from jail

By Kieran Campbell in London | 14th December 2010

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has issued a plea from jail for his supporters to keep fighting.

THE founder of WikiLeaks has issued a statement to the Seven Network from jail pleading for his supporters to keep fighting.

In a world exclusive statement provided to reporter Mike Duffy via his mother, Julian Assange said he was determined to fight for the future of WikiLeaks.

“My convictions are unfaltering. I remain true to the ideals I have always expressed,’’ he said from Wandsworth Prison in London.

“These circumstances shall not shake them. If anything, this process has increased my determination that they are true and correct.”

The statements were made in answer to the question posed by Mr Duffy through his mother: “Was it all worth it?”

Julian Assange’s Sunshine Coast mother Christine has flown to London to visit her son and support him in his bail hearing, expected tonight (AEST).

Mrs Assange was not able to see her son face-to-face on Monday but a 10-minute phone call reunited the duo.

It was the first time the Noosa woman spoke to her son since he was arrested.

Mr Assange told his mum there were CCTV cameras monitoring his cell because of fears he could be assassinated for his role in releasing 250,000 confidential US government documents.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

90% plus of the western world admire Julian Assange for being what he has done to date, at least what they think and understand he has done.

Releasing names of Iraqi informants, was probably a death sentence, something that Assange should known but did he know that? is there evidence beyond reasonable doubt of that?

Most unlikely, as are the chances of the US extraditing him.

What he h as done is have UNprotected sex, while having consensual sex, with two women who later got rather pissed off at not knowing if they contracted an STD from him.

Assange probably gets laid so often that he does not give a dam about one night stands wanting to talk to him.

It looks like he made a hell of mistake in under-estimating Swedish women who have created sexual rights for men and women in Sweden.

Just imaging the same rights in the western world and how it would slow down the transmission of STD's.

If Julian has done one thing for this world, its educating the world, be it unintentionally, about STDs and the moral and legal implications of having unprotected one night stands.



Sunshine Coast Daily refuses any address for posting other than an Australian address. I'm writing from Ottawa Ontario Canada.
Julian Assange is a real waka, a control freak, a disturbed personality who has alienated almost every one who has had anything to do with him.

WikiLeaks has got out of control, and the new "Openleaks" may turn out to be just exactly the same however its worth waiting to see, the world needs whistle blowing sites and whistle blowers to end the corruption of this world.

Julian Assange unfortunately, apparently engaged in unprotected sex, with consent for only protected sex. Hardly a crime in most of the world, but thanks to Swedish feminists, it now is a criminal offense in Sweden.

Two of Assange's one night stands, simply wanted to know if he had an STD and he refused to have the test, not something you would expect from an arrogant twit like Julian Assange.

He is now in jail, and with no willingness to take that STD test that might make the Swedish charges go away.

When he gets out, he will have no end of women willing to take their chances on getting a nasty STD in unprotected sex with him, but not in Sweden.

WikiLeaks, the leak you have after unprotected sex in Sweden.