It's not enough for men to be men


OTTAWA — The Ontario Veterinary College is searching hard for good students who share something with the vets in those James Herriot novels - being male, that is.

Most vets in Canada used to be men but that has been changing since the 1960s. Of the 114 students who began the veterinary medicine program this fall at the Guelph campus, 87 per cent are women, according to recent media reports.

The feminization of veterinary medicine is one more example of how the new century belongs to women. My question is, why is the college making extra efforts to recruit qualified male students? Really, who wants men?

In the 1970s, biologist Ronald Ericsson found a way to separate the male-producing Y chromosome from those carrying the X in sperm cells. Ericsson leased his method to a few dozen clinics in the U.S. About 20 years ago, he found to his astonishment that couples were requesting more girls than boys. The ratio is how as high as 2 to 1 at some clinics.

Why wouldn't you choose a girl? Ericsson, now 74, said to U.S. journalist Hanna Rosin.

"Women live longer than men. They do better in this economy. More of them graduate from college. They go into space and do everything men do, and sometimes they do it a whole lot better. I mean, hell, get out of the way - females are going to leave us males in the dust."

Women are better than men at plenty of other tasks, research shows - learning languages, handling debt, surfing the web. At work, they are more co-operative, and better at performing under deadline pressure.

Also, women do better living on their own. They are far less likely to poison themselves slowly with booze and junk food. Because of estrogen, they have stronger immune systems and are better at enduring pain. By comparison, men are not much more than warm storage containers for sperm.

Wherever you look, it appears that modern post-industrial society is better suited to women. Granted, the wage gap still persists, and far more men than women are on boards of corporations.


That's changing as well. The Financial Times' recent list of the 50 most powerful women in world business has some heavy hitters who certainly didn't inherit the company from daddy.

Pepsico's Indra Nooyi ranks first, followed by Andrea Jung, chief executive of Avon Products. Jung was born in Toronto to first-generation Chinese immigrants, but her parents moved to the U.S. when she was a child. Avon was a $4-billion company by revenue when Jung took over 11 years ago. It's a $10-billion-plus company now.

Meanwhile, here's what the culture is telling us about men. In a survey of 1,000 TV commercials, U.S. writer Frederic Hayward found "100 per cent of the jerks singled out in male-female relationships were male."

Hayward goes on, "One hundred per cent of the ignorant ones were male. One hundred per cent of the ones who lost a contest were male. One hundred per cent of the ones who smelt bad were male. One hundred per cent of the ones who were put down without retribution were male. One hundred per cent of the objects of rejection were male ... "

Many middle-aged men are filled with anger, anxiety and aggression - traits most used to outgrow after their teenage years. Maybe it's because plenty of men are at 40 still behaving like 20-year-olds.

Warren Farrell has written several books about men and how they relate to women. His theory is that men have suddenly been forced to change the way they see themselves. For thousands of years, men did the heavy lifting. They were farmers, hunters, soldiers, heroes. To earn the respect of women, they had to be driven and obsessive. Men were judged as "success objects," Farrell writes, much as women were judged as sex objects.

Now it's not enough for men to be men. They must find something else to be, and they don't know what that is, Farrell writes in The Myth of Male Power.

"Men's weakness," says Farrell, "has always been their facade of strength, just as women's strength has always been their facade of weakness."

Not all men are miserable. Check out the young guys in TV shows and movies such as The Hangover - the ones who are drunk, leering at women, driving recklessly. They are happy - triumphant, even. These guys have figured out they don't have to be men any more. Why else would they look so relieved?



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Looks like some readers are offended by Bruce Wald’s article, they want to choot the messenger rather than listen to the message.

The fact is men and women are very different, boys and girls are different from birth and learn differently, and flourish best when having two parents a mother and a father.

What society has done is to criminalize the male gender and to install in family court, an assumption that children should be with mothers regardless of the circumstances and that fathers should pay and pay and pay, so that at the end of the day, marriage separation results in a massive wealth transfer, firstly to the legal cartel and then generally but not always to the mother.

Ontario has a policy of Male Sharia Law, men have next to no legal rights. Family court operates a Kangaroo function of debtors prisons, where children’s relationships with their fathers are destroyed to allow the mother to say, “well you can’t see your daddy because he is in jail.




Bruce Wald's article fails to pose the or answer the question of "Why" is society so feminized".

Feminists have done a pretty good job painting the male gender as violent and angry abusers who are a danger to children and who should be paying for women till men die.

The cause starts at birth, being born a male means you won't have any legal rights, not when it comes to the law, criminal law and family law.

The cause can be cured by a variety of measures. The first is a legal presumption of a Child's Right to Equal Parenting, Then its the a massive reform of Family Law, that addresses the primary problem, the lack of Mental Health Screening for the Judiciary. Ottawa family court has several psychopaths with a pathological hatred of men and in particular a prime enemy of the Legal Cartel, the self represented litigant, you see its a crime not to be able to afford a lawyer.

The underbelly of the Judiciary, like Denis Power and Allan Sheffield, issued draconian orders that are specifically designed to permanently end a child's relationship with his or her father. These two judges are famous for "striking pleadings" "restrain orders" that border on deportation orders", and the indefinite jails sentences without ever a trial, these two most vile examples of humanity, issue orders for child support based on income that never existed or does not exist, knowing that the father can't pay and will end up in jail repeatedly till death.

It's only in Canada that a father can be sent to jail, indefinitely by a subterranean species of the judiciary, without ever a trial or the right of a legal hearing.

It's only in Canada that judges like Denis Power and Allan Sheffield issued "Life time restraining orders" without ever a trial, based on quadruple hearsay. Even accused terrorists get a trial and then deportation. Not so for fathers.

Its while we have such criminals in the judiciary that the male species will continue to be treated as less than human. The solution for that is a real police for the judiciary, not the sick joke of a judicial counsel that has a mandate to get rid of complaints.