Fur flies over Justin Trudeau’s Christmas card

OTTAWA— From Saturday's Globe and Mail

The furry frills on Justin Trudeau’s Christmas card have drawn fire from an animal rights group.

The card that the Liberal MP sent to his constituents this year has Mr. Trudeau and his family in parkas with thick fur-lined hoods huddled under a fur blanket.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has blasted the MP and his family for wearing coyote fur, calling it “a lurid way of celebrating peace on Earth.”

PETA spokeswoman Jane Dollinger calls the fur a product of misery and says coyotes are often killed in steel-jaw traps that have been banned in many other countries.

Mr. Trudeau’s office refused to comment on PETA’s fiery reaction to the cards.

But spokesman Alex Lanthier says Mr. Trudeau and his family were wearing parkas made by Canada Goose, a Canadian company that has a “sustainable way” of collecting fur.

Canada Goose says it obtains the fur in the most humane ways and adheres to the guidelines of the Fur Council of Canada.

The company’s policy also says it uses coyote fur “only as absolutely necessary, and exclusively for functional purposes.”

In a posting on Twitter, Mr. Trudeau suggested he wasn’t out to create any controversy.

“I’m glad to support both Canadian products and sustainable fur. But it’s mostly just a family Christmas card,” he wrote.

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Fact is, Iggy while being incredibly experienced, intelligent and with the right education, just lacks that passion, charisma and clarity of vision for Canada's future that Justice Trudeau so obviously possesses and demonstrates even while trying to keep a low profile.

His decision to be in furs is one that makes him and his family true Canadians and its a photo that will not be forgotten.

Trudeau saw the danger in the election of Julian Fantino and did his patriotic duty that came within a hairs breath of putting Julian in second place. If Justice had been running against Fantino odds are Fantino would have gone back to his obstruction of justice and abuse of power that he presents as his war on criminals.

Canada has several mega billion dollar problems that Canada cannot afford. Canada's largest single economic time bomb is the declining birth rate that has as its root cause, Parliament's failure to legislate a legal presumption of equal parenting for Canadian children.

Its' that failure that fuels the Family Courts, the associated trumped up criminal charges that cost Canada around 66 billion a year in what is called the Scam of Family Law run by the Legal Cartel.

The Trudeau family have taken on the issue of mental health and put it where it needs to be, front and center because the ignorance , the taboo of mental health problems costs Canada productivity that is an insidious economic cancer not to mention a cancer in the Rule of Law and democracy, not something that can be comprehended in the pea size republican brains.