Justin Trudeau plays ShamWow pitchman for indebted Liberals

Jane Taber

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Justin Trudeau is pitching a couple of Christmas gift ideas to help out some of his political pals.

The Montreal Liberal MP is asking friends and supporters for funds to pay off the 2006 leadership campaign debt of two of his colleagues – Ken Dryden and Gerard Kennedy.

And it can be done by buying these fabulous gifts: a skate with Mr. Dryden, the former Montreal Canadiens superstar goalie, and/or a numbered personalized limited edition pencil sketch of Lester B. Pearson by Mr. Kennedy.

Mr. Dryden still owes $285,000 from his leadership bid attempt and has until June 30, 2012 to pay it all off. Mr. Kennedy – who spent $1.4-million on his campaign – owes about $75,000, which he hopes to pay off within the next month or two.

“If you’re still looking to find the perfect holiday gift for family and friends, look no further,” Mr. Trudeau writes in an email circulated far and wide to Liberals. It was sanctioned by the party.

“Gerard Kennedy and Ken Dryden have a couple of gift offers your friends or loved ones will never forget,” he adds. Mr. Trudeau had been one of Mr. Kennedy’s key leadership delegates in 2006, at which point he had not yet entered politics himself.

But that’s not all.

“What’s more, by giving one of these unique gifts, you’ll also be helping to retire the remaining leadership debt of two of my good friends and colleagues,” Mr. Trudeau writes. So, for $1,000 you can buy a ticket to a “once in a lifetime experience,” he says.

The former prime minister’s son is tenacious in his pitch, noting that after the tax credit the ticket really only costs you $441.67. That “experience” involves skating with Ken Dryden and “friends” [former Habs teammates] at Montreal’s Bell Centre on Feb. 20, 2011.

Mr. Trudeau notes that the only other time Mr. Dryden has skated at the Bell Centre was the evening of the Habs 100th anniversary game, when he wore goalie Carey Price’s pads. Brunch is thrown in as is a tour of the Canadiens’ Hall of Fame.

A spokesman in Mr. Dryden’s office says the Toronto MP has done numerous fundraisers for other colleagues, so it’s his turn now.

And there’s more.

For a contribution of $250 – with the tax credit it will only cost you $62.50 – you can receive a signed copy of the Pearson sketch. Mr. Kennedy says he will also “personalize” the inscription if you want.

He drew the image of the late prime minister during the 2006 campaign, while driving in a car through the La Mauricie national park. He said he was out of cellphone range so spent a couple of hours on the portrait; the original was auctioned to raise money for the party.

Mr. Kennedy told The Globe he has always doodled and drew political cartoons at university.

“It’s kind of a Liberal unity thing,” said Mr. Kennedy, who has done about 250 events for the party since the leadership. “The Pearson era was at a time when we were in a minority and there were ups and downs and I think most people would say ... we did fairly well at getting things done.”

“It’s kind of a nice touchstone.”

Adds Mr. Trudeau in his letter: “With either of these memorable gifts, you will make this holiday season one your family and friends will never forget.”






Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Justin Trudeu is the only name really to watch as he his the ONLY person in the Liberal Party who WILL BE a future prime minister and a hell of a prime minister at that who will create a similar reputation as his father, Kennedy or Obama.

Justin Trudeu is the only Liberal MP who has the passion, the vision, the charisma and the ethics to match the requirements of the office of Prime Minister.

Iggy while a gentleman, with ethics that are beyond reproach, highly educated and incredibly experienced is a comparative wet blanket compared to Justine Trudeau and its Justine Trudeau whose name will be shortly nominated to replace Iggy.

If you read these posts and watch the predictions, you will know that the predictions have a scary habit of being correct.