Canada condemns Khodorkovsky conviction as ‘worrying’ about Russia’s rule of law


Ottawa— The Canadian Press

Canada has added its voice to the growing international criticism over the second conviction of a jailed Russian oil tycoon.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said this week's conviction of Mikhail Khodorkovsky was a “worrying signal” about the rule of law in Russia.

Mr. Cannon said Canada was troubled by the “alleged lack of a judicial system that operates independently of the Russian government.”

Mr. Khodorkovsky, once seen as a challenger to Vladimir Putin early in his presidency, was already serving a sentence for tax evasion when he was convicted at a second trial for embezzlement.

The Obama administration and European leaders have also criticized the case as a worrying development.

Russia's foreign ministry has fired back at Western critics, saying they should butt out of its affairs.




Mr. Harper's parrot like regurgitation of the official Fox news version of reality is to be expected.

The reality is that Mr. Harper uses Khodorkovsky as a diversion from the corruption in Canada.

For example if Mr. Harper wanted to end a 100 billion dollar Canadian fraud, he would legislate a legal presumption of equal parenting , introduce a massive reform of family court, family legislation including child support guidelines that turn the countries prisons into concentration camps for men for no other real reason than for having been born with testicles , being a father and seeking the courts assistance in enforcing a CHILD's right to a relationship with their father.

Mr. Harper chooses to turn a blind eye to mental health, that fills our JUDICIARY with lone rangers, psychopaths, the corrupt who engage in a war against men and in particular anyone who is self represented, that is, its a 100 Billion dollar legal scam that provides money from those who dont have any to the Legal Cartel.

Those crimes and the injustice that stems from it, mean that Canada has its own lack of the Rule of Law where our judicary are representatives of the greatest largest money scam in Canadian history, where billions of dollars are "awarded" to the Legal Cartel by judges for their friends, against those who they don't like for personal, professional or political reasons.

Canadian Courts are a cess pool of injustice and ill repute. Mr. Harper needs to look after his own dirty laundry before offering to do Russian washing.