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Grits dismiss NDP-Tory détente as electioneering


Ottawa— Globe and Mail Update
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Mr. Harper likes to play games, he likes the opposition to know they are playing with the master who coincidentally, is addicted to making national decisions solely for political points with the brainless republican voters whose education comes from watching Fox news or reading the gospel as espoused by Mr. Harper who is nothing more than a Washington poodle. The only problem, is he pees in the shoes of Canadian.

If Mr. Harper or any of our politicians really cared about Canada's future they would do something about the 100 Billion wast of money called Family Court run on Feminist legislation that removes from men all legal rights and makes them indentured slaves or prisoners of the provinces concentration camps for men.

IF our politicians had any brains and balls they would approve a Legal Presumption of Equal parenting, a real police for the Judiciary, open courts, televised courts, mandatory reporting of all decisions and end the Legal Cartel's fines against anyone who represents themselves.

The worst examples of Canada's economic cancer of corruption can be found in Ottawa Family Court where the subterranean species of Judges make costs orders for their friends.

It's a real war on men, and EVERY father in Canada is their target.

At the next election, ASK your candidate if he or she supports a legal presumption of Equal Parenting and Reform, yes, a Dramatic, comprehensive Reform of Family law.



The performers on our stage are, Michael Ignatieff , Mr Harper and Jack.

Michael Ignatieff while having what Mr. Harper does not have, honesty, integrity, a real superior education, Ignatieff has demonstrated that he couldn't lead a boy scout troop, he simply does not have any leadership ability at all. While Mr. Harper can lead, his ethics and integrity are in the gutter, he admits that his GST tax cut was good politics and bad policy. That indicates as to how brainless his voters are.

What's the solution, sometimes leaders are born that way, leaders with integrity, ability passion and destiny are hard to come by and the Liberal party has only one candidate who can take out Mr. Harper or his replacement.

Justice Trudeau.