Deadbeat parents' credit rating could suffer

Thursday, January 6, 2011


P.E.I. has added another method to its toolbox for getting people to make support payments to children and ex-spouses: the threat of a bad credit rating.

The provincial government has been prepared to intercept EI benefits and income tax refunds and even to garnishee wages. But these methods haven't been effective against the self-employed, a provincial official says.

"If the default payer is not willing to pay as an individual, there's a good chance they're not willing to pay as a self-employed person," Loretta Coady-MacAulay, manager of the family law section of the Department of Justice, told CBC News on Wednesday.
Guidelines put in place

A law allowing the department to report self-employed deadbeat parents to credit agencies was already on the books, but there were no guidelines about what information and how much could be shared with the credit agency, Coady-MacAulay said. For that reason the law was rarely used.

But with recent changes to the Maintenance Enforcement Act, the province hopes the possibility of a bad credit rating will be an incentive for business owners to pay up.



More Male Sharia Law in the ongoing Feminist War On Men.

Canada has one of the western worlds most draconian Male Sharia Law that deprives men of virtually all Legal Rights.

Revenue Income is decided by Revenue Canada yet, child support is determined by what ever a mother asks for.

Judges like Allan Sheffield of Ottawa simply pluck a number out of the air without any evidence of income and say thats the income figure to be used for support.

The fact is most support orders are very difficult to vary . Unemployment - ill health, a multitude of problems occur that stops or reduces or increases income.

In other countries Support is based on Income Tax returns , the child support organization works for both parties... BUT Not in Canada its a corrupt cess pool of hatred towards men.

Ontario FRO routinely provide false and misleading information in a dirty war on men.

Mothers who abuse children by failing to allow any access still collect support even when their income can be many times that of an impoverished father who can't afford to go to court or cannot go to court by reason of draconian court orders that have no place in an equitable court of justice.

Canada has Corrupt legislation that is for the purpose of transferring wealth from men to women and to allow women total control of children.

We need a legal presumption of equal parenting and then most support payments would cease.

Support the private members bill for Equal Parenting.

Canadian Support payments defy logic.
A woman can earn a million dollars a year have the children 60% of the time and receive 100% of the "guidline amount" from an impoverished father
WHEN its commonly acknowledged that Child Support in Canada has
"Built In Spousal Support" thats right , without examining the needs and incomes of the parties.

At the same time our Corrupt Family Court Judges almost NEVER order Spousal support to be paid by a woman to a man.

Legal Commentators have bluntly pointed out this fact for years yet
Our CORRUPT Judiciary still refuse to change their biased ways that uses the primary rule that men have no legal rights and their role is to transfer children and income to the mother.

Fact is the costs of parenting are generally greater for a non custodial parent who has less than 50/50 time. Fact is that the inequitable guidelines give 100% support even when a non custodial parent has the kids 39.99% of the time.

Its a crazy rule no balancing of incomes. No Legal presumption of equal parenting.

It turns men off having children and is the primary cause of our declining birth rate which is Canada's largest economic time bomb that all our politicians just put their heads in the political sand and refuse to deal with the problem.

Marriage is now a minority institution . 20% plus kids born either do not have a father on a birth certificate or the wrong man's name down. Often that's a deliberate act.

children deserve to know who their parents are and the government has a responsibility to CONFIRM the father's identity by a dna test rather than let children grow up with a mother's fraud written into their birth certificates not to mention the massive financial fraud.