Accused in police killing depressed: friends

Last Updated: Friday, January 14, 2011


The man accused of killing a Toronto police officer with a snowplow had a major feud with his family two weeks ago, friends told CBC News.

Richard Kachkar, 44, seen in a Facebook picture, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Sgt. Ryan Russell. (Facebook)

According to the friends, the feud plunged Richard Kachkar, 44, into depression and suicidal thoughts, CBC's John Lancaster reported.

"Friends said there was an incident, a breakup that may have plunged him into irreversible darkness," Lancaster said.

In a text message to CBC News, Kachkar's daughter Ashley, 18, said: "I understand what's going on … I know just as much as you do. All I can say is I have nothing to say."

Sgt. Ryan Russell, 35, died when he was struck while trying to stop a stolen snowplow-equipped truck being driven erratically through the city early Wednesday.

Kachkar, of no fixed address, was shot and arrested by police after an hour-long pursuit. He is in St. Michael's Hospital in downtown Toronto recovering from his injuries. He has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder.

April Wojtowich, a longtime friend of Kachkar, said he had an on-and-off relationship with his family for the last five to six years. She said he loved his family and bounced between their home and a rundown store he owned in St. Catharines.

"He was rarely homeless or angry," Wojtowich said. "I never, ever knew him to show a sign of aggression or anger. He was just very intelligent. He always talked things out with people."

On Thursday, CBC News reported that Kachkar stayed at a homeless shelter the night before the police incident. A spokesman for the shelter said it was Kachkar's first time at the Good Shepherd and he didn't stand out from the other homeless men.

Transport Canada also confirmed to CBC News that Kachkar had some training in April 2009 to operate heavy machinery like snowplows and that he was being trained in a 13-week course.

"He did fine in heavy equipment. When it came time to truck driver training, ultimately he was not licensed. He didn’t pass the test in the end," said John Beaudry, president of Transport Training Centres of Canada.

Beaudry said to a get a licence, a doctor has to sign off on it and there was no indication Kachkar was unstable.

"Only issues we had with him, he was a little bit difficult to communicate with. He would talk around in circles to get to a point. That’s all we have administratively on him," Beaudry said.

Kachkar wasn't trained specifically on how to operate a snowplow, Beaudry said.

"But with the other background, there a lot of transferable skills and you could walk over to any piece of equipment and figure out how to operate it."

Problems appeared to begin earlier for Kachkar. Roger Dubosq, a retired St. Catharines resident, sold him the building in St. Catharines in August.

Dubosq said Kachkar told him he hoped to open up a computer store. But when it came time for Kachkar to pay him on his second mortgage, Kachkar told Dubosq he lost all his money to his wife.

“He used to have a truck and then I only saw him on bikes. He had all kinds of ideas for that place, but all his dreams ended up failing,” said Dubosq.

Kachkar owed him $2,000 and Dubosq would drop by, trying to get the money from him. Kachkar would always tell Dubosq how his wife took everything from him.



While Richard Kachkar was most likely a victim of the underbelly of the judiciary who are engaged in a war on men, his act was very obviously, the act of someone with a serious mental health problem.

Canada has a taboo on the issue of mental health, our jails are filled with convicted criminals, of whom at least 30% are seriously mentally ill.

For every abused woman, there is at least one abused man, and often the mans entire family is also a victim of the same female abuser never able to see the father's child again.

We have yet to hear the story of how and why Richard Kachker's became mentally ill, but we can guess that most probably, his act was after several days without sleep. Staying at a homeless shelter in a room of coughing men and only eligible for $200 a month in welfare is guaranteed to send even strong personalities into the world of the chronically sleep depressed where insanity is virtually guaranteed.

If you check the homeless shelter population, most are not eligible for welfare or subsidized housing that is rarely available. If you check the population of homeless men, most are victims of the underbelly of the judiciary who once ruled that they cannot ever see their kids due to a mentally ill woman which of course, don't exist in Family Court.

And why do we have the problem of judges on a war on men?
That's because there is NO mental health screening for the judiciary which means we end up with psychopaths / borderline personalities like Allan Sheffield and Denis Power leaving endless trails of destroyed men guaranteed to fill the homeless shelters and die of depression not to mention create another generation of children who never have a father.

When all the police commentators talk about how this officers children will grow up without a father, they should spare a thought for the route cause of the major cause of mental health problems in Canada which lays squarely at the feet of the psychopaths of the judiciary like Allan Sheffield and Denis Power who are judges because judges are not screened for mental health problems.

Then there is madam Justice DeSousa, a bitter divorced woman who spends her entire time, destroying men. Add into the witches club, Cheryl Robertson and Blishen and you have in Ottawa a collection of some the most vile examples of personalities who never should have been entrusted with judicial responsibility and who were almost guaranteed to spend their lives destroying me, and many of whom kill themselves because they can never see their kids again.

The fact is, these underbelly of the judiciary, make decisions for mentally ill violent women to have total control over children, that destruction drives men into depression.

Ask those same guys how they feel when one of the underbelly meets with misfortune like being run over with a truck and the depression is lifted momentarily.

While we have a judiciary and police forces riddled with psychopaths who abuse their power, society will create an endless stream of abusive police officers who like kicking innocent people in the head and judges who send innocent loving deserving fathers to jail for the crime of having been born with testicles.

Absolute power corrupts and while the current attitudes remain in Canada it will continue to be a cause of mental illness and their resultant apparently senseless murderers.


When the Police Associations across Canada sit down to mouth of their rage and anger at yet another officer killed in the line of duty, they will be driven by their own ingrained anger and desire for retribution that has as its knee jerk reflex, the Republican maxim / solution of more cops and a tougher on crime approach with yet more retribution for those who kill police officers.

Their collective lack of intelligence and ability to reason is legendary. Their collective ability to abuse, commit criminal offenses and ensure that officers who commit crimes get away with it rivals the loyalty of the most famous crime cartels which makes Canadian police forces simply another black shirted cartel engaged in their own war of abuse on society.

While the Police support and white wash the criminal acts of their own, they will only incite those who are violent and mentally ill into murder of exactly the examples of the police who least deserve to be the victims.

If you go back over the records, the officers who got killed were those who had the highest of reputations, those who committed their murder of police officers rightly or wrongly, often perceived themselves to be victims of underbelly of the police.

while Canada white washes police investigations of police and allows the judiciary to appoint new members of the legal cartel without mental health screening, the endless victims of the judicial / justice system will continue to be produced.

if police what to reduce these murders they can start by dealing their with own scumbags and those of the judiciary who produce an endless stream of destroyed individuals who have nothing left to live for.


Hopefully, the more intelligent members of police forces across Canada will look carefully at the "root cause" of not just this murder but murders across Canada.

Our police forces across Canada need to step up to the plate and CLEAN up our corrupt police from one end to the other.

Canada's police forces while pretending to be squeeky clean are anything but, they engage in crime like any criminal cartel for their own profit and show a disturbing lack of empathy towards to the Rule of Law and legal rights not to mention their fiduciary responsibilities to Canadians.

Canada's police forces are generally an insult to justice and it will only be when they can clean up their collective act that they will collectively improve their collective image and be less of a target of the mentally ill who wrongfully perceive the establishment that includes the police as the authors of their own destruction.

Across Canada, every day, men get violently assaulted by women and its the men who get arrested and thrown in jail and charged while the female perpetrators get away with the help of less than objective and impartial police.

The tales are endless however the injustice never ends. The only time the injustice will end is when police officers collectively, refuse to engage in a legal war on men to deprive them of their rights, often by the nature of a fabricated criminal charge.

We need change to the way Canada treats the most important, the children, our police and judges. While they cops and judiciary employ psychopaths that place charges primarily against innocent men, the war on men will continue to destroy and intimidate increasing numbers of men.