RCMP attempt damage control in wake of B.C. video

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mounties in Kelowna, B.C., are attempting damage control after an officer was videotaped kicking a co-operative suspect in the face.


Supt. Bill McKinnon called a news conference Saturday in advance of a Sunday rally planned to protest the officer's actions and support Buddy Tavares, the man arrested on Jan. 7.

"I want to ensure the public that senior members of the RCMP hear loud and clear what the general public's views are in relation to the video that has been shown across the country and is readily accessible on the internet," McKinnon said, reading from a prepared statement.

The video, shot by a bystander across the street, shows Tavares getting out of his truck with his hands in the air. Two officers have their guns drawn and one kicks the man in the face as he is getting on the ground.

Tavares, 51, is charged with careless use of a firearm. He was stopped after shots were fired at a Kelowna-area golf course.

Tavares is on leave from his job at the golf course while recovering from a brain injury suffered in a recent motorcycle crash.

Tavares said he was asked by his employer to use a shotgun to scare geese off the greens.

When Tavares was released from custody, he had a black eye and several scrapes on his face.

Mountie defends suspension with pay

Investigators from the independent Abbotsford police service arrived earlier in the week to look into the incident.

McKinnon said the investigators have about 40 witnesses to interview in the case. Three more investigators were also brought in to expedite the probe.

"We realize the processes are not moving as quickly as most people would like, but everyone must understand that the processes must be followed and the processes are legislated in the RCMP Act," McKinnon said.

The officer involved, Const. Geoff Mantler, has been suspended with pay pending the investigation.

McKinnon defended that decision too, saying suspensions with and without pay are not sanctions.

"They are preventive measures designed to protect the RCMP's integrity and its processes pending outcome of the matter which gives rise to these measures."

He said a stop in pay would only be made in extreme circumstances.

But residents have been demanding action against the officer, and McKinnon said he has read some angry comments on various internet blogs about planned civil disobedience during a protest rally to be held Sunday in Kelowna.

"I urge everyone to remain calm, make their point, and allow the legal processes that are in place to come to completion," he said.







Supt. Bill McKinnon has failed, to explain how and why Buddy Tavares was "charged" with the careless use of a firearm, when Buddy was doing his job, everyone knew he scared bird off the golf course for a living, the firearm was incredibly well secured with a trigger lock and stored above the letter of the law.

Supt. Bill McKinnon is responsible for Buddy Tavares being incarcerated for an entire weekend to be released with a trumped up charge that has no other purpose than to justify the violent unprovoked assault by RCMP Constable Geoff Mantler that was videotaped.

Supt. Bill McKinnon had all the evidence in front of him that his own officers were laying a fabricated charge, while FAILING to charge Constable Geoff Mantler.

If a member of the public kicked Supt. Bill McKinnon or Constable Geoff Mantler or any other officer in the head they would be arrested, held pending a bail hearing and released on charges.

Supt. Bill McKinnon has not provided any explanation as to why the RCMP, failed to charge Constable Geoff Mantler, , failed to explain why they don't have sufficient evidence to lay a charge against Geoff Mantler.

Perhaps Bill McKinnon and Geoff Mantler need a kick in the head to help them understand they they are the criminals and bringing the administration of justice into ill-repute not to mention creating a great deal of avoidable unnecessary ill-will towards police not to mention an further erosion in the publics' confidence in the Police across Canada.

Supt Bill McKinnon has failed to explain how it requires SIX detectives to investigate the assault caught on video by the reporter? Just what is there to investigate?

Supt. Bill McKinnon has yet to explain the RCMP FAKE CLAIM of 'domestic violence situation claim".