McGuinty, Hudak test-drive campaign speeches

Last Updated: Sunday, January 16, 2011 | 1:02 PM ET

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Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak on June 3, 2010, speaking after his leadership win. (Canadian Press)



Ontario voters are getting a preview of the main battles in the upcoming provincial election campaign as the Liberal and Conservative leaders test-drive their stump speeches over the next few weeks.

Premier Dalton McGuinty is hitting the road with a new speech promoting his government's policies, while Opposition Leader Tim Hudak will also be criss-crossing the province, attacking the Liberals for some of those very same policies.

McGuinty's speech which he rolled out to business audiences in Kitchener and Hamilton last week boasted of his government's green initiatives and the move toward more wind and solar power.

"Clean energy plants are popping up all over the province and as you can see," McGuinty said, "that means jobs."

But in his speech, Hudak slammed the Liberals' energy plans, calling them "expensive energy experiments [that] are pushing seniors' carefully planned budgets right to the limit."

If the Conservatives form the next government, Hudak said, "we will not continue down Dalton McGuinty's path of these massive subsidies [which are given] far too often to well-connected businesses, insiders or foreign-based corporations like Samsung."

McGuinty talked up the harmonized sales tax as good for the province's economy.

"The HST is a value-added tax, like they have in 140 other countries. The reason they all have an HST-like tax is simple it's good for growth," McGuinty said.

But Hudak called the HST a "tax grab [that] is particularly devastating for Ontario seniors who are on fixed incomes."

And while the premier said his generic drug policy "saves taxpayers $500,000 every year," Hudak said what that policy led to was "cuts to local pharmacies that seniors depend upon."

The speeches of the two leaders appeared to be filled with the messages they'll try to promote in the lead up to Ontario's October vote.

One notable difference in approach is that Hudak mentioned McGuinty at nearly every turn, while in his 25-minute speech, McGuinty didn't mention Hudak at all.





Commentary by the Ottawa mens centre


If our liberal and conservative politicians really gave a dam about Ontario children they would support a massive reform of family law to eradicate the 30 billion dollar scam called Ontario Family Court that uses as its guiding premise, a war on men that means children don't have a legal presumption of equal parenting.

This Male Sharia Law with its inequitable "child support guidelines' that fail to examine the income of both parents or the expenses of non custodial parents, that turns men into second class citizens, without legal rights.

Now, more than 50% of children grow up without their biological father and its that lack of fathers that dramatically increases dysfunction in society, and produces fodder for the endless revolving wheels of the justice system, child protection, support enforcement and which is increasingly filling Ontario / Canadian jails, not with criminals but men, whose sole "crime" was to be born with testicles and to be a father.

It takes a dead beat judge to create a dead beat dad,

Real Crime Starts in Family Court.

What we are not seeing is any realistic, vision, or passion for the future that contains anything that might be considered a vision for the future that contains good policy rather than limited to the brainless ideas called good politics which is skeleton of both the liberals and the conservatives, because its successful in the short term and bad in the long term.

We can expect from both parties, a dead head approach that shows nothing but contempt for the long term best interests of the province and the country.