8,000 mourners expected at Sgt. Russell funeral


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Police and friends of Sgt. Ryan Russell lined up to pay their respects at Thornhill's Jerrett Funeral Home on Sunday, January 16, 2011


  January 17, 2011 – 2:01 pm

An estimated 8,000 police officers and hundreds of residents are expected to descend on the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Tuesday for the funeral of Sergeant Ryan Russell, who died in the line of duty last week after being struck by a snowplow.

A procession of officers and emergency personnel will begin marching southbound on University Avenue from police headquarters around 11 a.m., with the funeral cortège following half an hour later.

The march — led by Chief Bill Blair —will slowly snake its way through downtown streets, arriving at the centre around noon. Officers lining the route will salute Sgt. Russell as the procession passes by.

“Obviously it’s going to be a sombre day for everyone,” Constable Tony Vella said Monday. “A colleague of ours has died in the line of duty. It’s going to be a sad day.”

The service begins at 1 p.m. and will be broadcast live. Members of the public who wish to attend should arrive at the centre’s South Building between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., Constable Wendy Drummond said, noting seating will be limited.

A reception at the centre will immediately follow the service.

Chief Blair has labelled Sgt. Russell’s death “the worst of days for the Toronto Police Service,” and mourners flocked to a north-end funeral home on the weekend to pay their respects. The 11-year veteran died Wednesday after responding to reports of a stolen snowplow; the suspect led police on an extended chase before slamming the vehicle into Sgt. Russell, who leaves behind a wife and young son.

Suspect Richard Kachkar, 44, has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder, while police were working out details of a trust fund to be set up for Sgt. Russell’s family.

Commuters can expect major traffic snarls throughout the downtown core Tuesday as a result of the funeral ceremonies. Portions of University Avenue will be closed as the police procession wends its way south, and authorities anticipate further disruptions near the CNE’s Direct Energy Centre.

Lower Simcoe between Front Street West and Lake Shore Boulevard, along with Bremner Boulevard between York and Rees streets, will be closed in both directions all day, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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While this multimillion dollar funeral progresses. Readers and Watchers should note that while this funeral and murder gets 100% news and attention, the root causes of such senseless crimes remain untouched.

The route cause is Ontario's War on Men, legislation that makes men second class citizens, the absence of equal parenting legislation that gives judges instructions, illegal instructions to give children and property to women while children never see their father again unless she consents and its on her terms.

The inequitable child support guidelines send men into property, unemployment, jail for not other crime than being born male.

The family courts ignore allegations that a woman is mentally ill but assume a man is a violent mentally ill abuser unless he can prove, under Ontario Male Sharia law something else, and thats unlikely.
While Ontario criminalizes poverty, it will create poverty, increase the rates of depression and mental illness and the number of potential psycho's on the street who carry out the next senseless murder.

Our police officers should think very carefully about the real root causes and have their association use some logical reasoning to support changes to protect society and themselves from those who abuse their absolute power and directly create an increasing population of mentally ill who can create the risks that are largely avoidable and preventable.






Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


With appropriate respect and condolences to the family and fellow officers, the funeral with its process of many thousands of police officers, raises other questions such as why is it that while thousands will attend the funeral, where are the officers who witnessed assaults by their fellow officers at the G20?

Why did not these officers report, arrest and charge their fellow officers engaged in brutal assaults on innocent civilians?

When Buddy Travers was brutally kicked in the head by Constable Geoff Mantle, why is it that the officers who witnessed this did not report it, did not arrest and or charge Mantle?

Why is it that they kept Buddy Travers in jail all weekend on a trumped up charge to somehow justify the extremely violent unprovoked kick to the heard of Buddy Travers?

There will be thousands and thousands of police officers from across Canada at this funeral. Amongst them will be the typical percentage of the population who when given absolute power will abuse absolute power.

The funeral procession will also be riddled with police officers who would back up a fellow officer like Geoff Mantel even knowing Geoff Mantel was the criminal and not the victim.

While these officers are marching at this funeral procession, they should think about how they can prevent future murders of police officers and rather than new improved bullet proof vests or larger caliber weapons, they should look to insuring that there is a real watchdog for the police and to ensure that any police officer engaged in abuses is dealt with in an exemplary fashion that inspires public confidence not destroying public confidence and the ill will it brings to the reputation of police.

Its time for change.



So this is a time when the cops are actually reading the news so its a dam good time for them to consider the root causes of dysfunction in society especially when it resulted in the tragic death of one of their own and made a child fatherless.

Its that problem of fatherless children and the dysfunction in our society that creates poverty, mental illness, destruction and violent crime.

The only time most of these officers will ever give any consideration to the root cause, to reality is when they end up being arrested on a fake 911 call by a vindictive spouse and never get to see their kids again thanks to a dead beat judge.



While the procession marches, it begs reminds us all how the police associations adopt a conservative right wing 'tough on crime" approach while failing miserably to show any understanding of the root causes and to make any recommendations on how those problems can be solved.

All we hear is how they want more money and politicians who want to increase the number of police because its a politically correct idea.

Hopefully, after this funeral, the police associations will look at the causes of mental illness and how their lives can be further protected in the future by dealing with the root causes of mental illness that stem directly from the corrupt billion dollar scam of Family Court that is engaged in a war on men.

When you think about this fatherless child, think about 50% of Canadian children who don't get to live with their biological father.

Fatherless children grow up to have a much higher probability of dysfunction, of becoming incarcerated, of becoming a teen pregnancy.

The primary cause of fatherless children is Canada's failure to have a legal assumption of equal parenting, to have a real watchdog for the judiciary and the police.

While the the police and judiciary have absolute power without any safeguards, they will continue to abuse that absolute power and further decrease societies view of those with absolute power such as the judiciary and the police.

Its time for change.




Its tragic that Julian Fantino has decided to use this funeral as a photo opportunity for his own political purposes.

Julian Fantino by a substantial number of people is regarded as a criminal, a corrupt cop who has left a trail of destruction not to mention injustice.

There are a great number of deserving police officers who are no so tainted and who deserve credit and who are more appropriate to appear at the head of such a funeral than the despised Julian Fantino.




Readers should note that the CBC Moderators are rejecting large numbers of posts. It appears that their mantra is now political correctness. It begs the question as whose political correctness they think is correct.



While we have so many tens of thousands of Police Officers from around North America and from Across Canada its an appropriate time to let the Canadian Police forces know,

"you stink"

You stink of abuse of power, you stink because there is no watchdog for police, you stink because around 50% of you will abuse the absolute power entrusted with you because there are no safeguards.

If you collectively, valued your collective reputations, you would ensure that there is a genuine police for the police, a watchdog for the police.

If you cared about your reputations you would have arrested the officers in the past who have committed criminal offenses and who got away with it and will get away with it because they belong to Canada's largest Criminal Organization, the police forces of Canada who are supposedly fighting crime.

I remember the various officers I've met, who were the nastiest personalities around who engaged in assaults on the public knowing that their superior offices would make it all go away.

Its that mentality that is ingrained in Canadian police that causes them not to say immediately charge Constable Geoff Mantle with assaulting Buddy Travers with a kick to the head recorded on video by a reporter.

There are tens of thousands of similar Buddy Travers who get assaulted by the police, who get their arms broken, who get put in tight hancuffs that leave permanent injuries, then there are the tens of thousands who face fabricated criminal charges at the hands of small town police forces, Timmins Police being just a classic example of many decades of police abuse for local corrupt establishment interests.

Its time for change and a funeral of a police officer is dam good time for police to have a reality check.



To all those living in other countries thinking of immigrating to Canada, Think again very carefully. This parade is an example of the incredible power and how police can intimidate, or attempt to intimidate the citizens of Canada.

Canada is a corrupt country, riddled with corrupt police forces of whom, around 50% will abuse their absolute power if given the opportunity. It makes men, fathers, second class citizens without legal rights, something that does not happen in even third world countries.

Canada is a country where the worst abusers of power, the most habitual abusers of power are none other than the Judiciary of Canada where judges are politically appointed and once appointed, it is almost unheard of for any complaint to actually get a response.

Canada is a country where insults to justice like Allan Sheffield and Denis Power leave endless trails of destruction as a result of psychopathic personalities and their propensity to corrupt the rule of law, generally ensuring that children never see their father again.

Canada is the country, that if you are a male, you should choose another country to immigrate to unless of course you wish to join the gravy train of corruption with Canada's police forces.





Sgt Russell or his family deserve respect and our condolences.

But when we have tens of thousands of Canadas finest that unfortunately include some of the worst abusers, some of the worst criminals , some of the greatest abusers who bring the administration of justice into ill-repute, it becomes a public duty to send the police a message that they need to think seriously about their own reputation and their own need to ensure that
Canadian Police Forces and the Judiciary have their own watchdog agency that has real power.

Right now, its next to pointless making a complaint about a police officer or a judge when Canada is plagued with the problem that around 50% are abusers of power in some form.

Its time for change and for the police to get the message.

You need to clear up your act and start supporting a clean up of Canada's police forces.

That starts with a real watchdog agency for police with real powers, and a similar organization for the Judiciary.

Then we have that systemic Police corruption that blends into legality, its now legal for Canada's police to extort money, in the form of "paid duty".

Take a look at any Canadian city and watch the cops earning double or more time, from sitting around where their "paid services" are mandatory when they same role could be played by any construction worker or high school drop out security guard.


It is extremely offensive for the Police Forces to put at the head of this publicity parade, the most notorious cop in Canada, Julian Fantino.

If I was to organize a police funeral, Julian Fantino would be given a stay away order.