Slain officer's wife to speak at Toronto funeral

Public advised to arrive early because of downtown road closures

Last Updated: Monday, January 17, 2011 | 1:59 PM ET


The wife of Sgt. Ryan Russell, the Toronto police officer killed last week after he was struck by a stolen snowplow truck, will make her first public comments Tuesday at his funeral service.

The funeral's itinerary, released Monday, shows Christine Russell will offer a tribute at the service, which is to begin at 1 p.m. ET at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street West.

Other prominent figures scheduled to speak at the funeral for the 11-year veteran of the Toronto Police Service include:

Hundreds of officers from across the country are expected to march ahead of the funeral. They will start gathering at the intersection of University Avenue and Dundas Street West at 9 a.m.

The march will head south on University Avenue beginning at 11 a.m. The officers will march to Wellington Street West, then west on Wellington to Simcoe Street and finally south on Simcoe to Bremner Boulevard.

The public is welcome to attend the funeral service, but police warn there is limited seating and encourage people to be at the convention centre before 11:30 a.m.

There will also be a number of road closures in the area that are likely to cause traffic disruptions the entire day.


Russell, 35, was killed last Wednesday when he was struck while trying to stop a stolen truck equipped with a snowplow that was being driven erratically through the city. He was knocked to the ground and suffered fatal head injuries.

Richard Kachkar, 44, is charged with first-degree murder and remains in hospital recovering from bullet wounds he suffered during his arrest.




While this multimillion dollar  funeral progresses. Readers and Watchers should note that while this funeral and murder gets 100% news and attention, the route causes of such senseless crimes remain untouched.

The route cause is Ontario's War on Men, legislation that makes men second class citizens, the absence of equal parenting legislation that gives judges instructions, illegal instructions to give children and property to women while children never see their father again unless she consents and its on her terms.

The inequitable child support guidelines send men into property, unemployment, jail for not other crime than being born male.

The family courts ignore allegations that a woman is mentally ill but assume a man is a violent mentally ill abuser unless he can prove, under Ontario Male Sharia law something else, and thats unlikely.

While Ontario criminalizes poverty, it will create poverty, increase the rates of depression and mental illness and the number of potential psycho's on the street who carry out the next senseless murder.

Our police officers should think very carefully about the real root causes and have their association use some logical reasoning to support changes to protect society and themselves from those who abuse their absolute power and directly create an increasing population of mentally ill who can create the risks that are largely avoidable and preventable.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


With appropriate respect and condolences to the family, the funeral with its process of many thousands of police officers, raises other questions such as why is it that while thousands will attend the funeral, where are the officers who witnessed assaults by their fellow officers at the G20?

Why did not these officers report, arrest and charge their fellow officers engaged in brutal assaults on innocent civilians?

When Buddy Travers was brutally kicked in the head by Constable Geoff Mantle, why is it that the officers who witnessed this did not report it, did not arrest and or charge Mantle?

Why is it that they kept Buddy Travers in jail all weekend on a trumped up charge to somehow justify the extremely violent unprovoked kick to the heard of Buddy Travers?

There will be thousands and thousands of police officers from across Canada at this funeral. Amongst them will be the typical percentage of the population who when given absolute power will abuse absolute power.

The funeral procession will also be riddled with police officers who would back up a fellow officer like Geoff Mantel even knowing Geoff Mantel was the criminal and not the victim.

While these officers are marching at this funeral procession, they should think about how they can prevent future murders of police officers and rather than new improved bullet proof vests or larger caliber weapons, they should look to insuring that there is a real watchdog for the police and to ensure that any police officer engaged in abuses is dealt with in an exemplary fashion that inspires public confidence not destroying public confidence and the ill will it brings to the reputation of police.

Its time for change.


Its tragic that Julian Fantino has decided to use this funeral as a photo opportunity for his own political purposes.

Julian Fantino by a substantial number of people is regarded as a criminal, a corrupt cop who has left a trail of destruction not to mention injustice.

There are a great number of deserving police officers who are no so tainted and who deserve credit and who are more appropriate to appear at the head of such a funeral than the despised Julian Fantino.


Readers should note that the CBC Moderators are rejecting large numbers of posts. It appears that their mantra is now political correctness. It begs the question as whose political correctness they think is correct.