Globe editorial

Make women’s rights Canada’s postwar priority

From Monday's Globe and Mail

Afghanistan is still one of the worst places in the world to be a woman. Now that Canada’s costly and controversial overseas mission there is winding down, this country has a unique opportunity to develop a new role in Afghanistan as a champion of women’s rights.

Canada should accept our responsibility for the women of Afghanistan, and make the advancement of their condition a primary foreign-policy objective.

Canada engaged the Taliban with a moral imperative, in many minds. Some progress has been made since the war began in 2001. However, a resurgence of the Taliban, and the withdrawal of foreign troops, will leave women vulnerable in that deeply conservative country. This is one aspect of Canada’s mission that must not abruptly end.

The Harper government needs a more systematic approach for its post-conflict role, one that ties aid to documented improvements in women’s access to legal reform, education, and health-care services. The challenges are abundant. In many parts of the country, men still decide everything from what a woman can wear and whether she can work, to whom she will marry, whether she receives an inheritance and when she can see a doctor. Complications from pregnancy and childbirth remain the No. 1 cause of death for women.

Ottawa should heed the advice of CARE Canada, which has called on the government to measure its post-conflict engagement in Afghanistan through the lens of improved human rights. Specifically, Canada could help tackle the barriers girls face in attending primary and secondary school; help train Afghan police in human rights; protect female leaders; ensure women are included in public-policy debate and peace-building; and focus on maternal and child health.

Afghan women need support so they can claim what is rightly theirs. Canada has an enduring obligation, and must not abandon what it has started.




Canada is one of the worst places in the world to be a man.

Our country has evolved Male Sharia Law into a fine art where men no longer have any substantive legal rights when it comes to Family Law.

Afghanistan has in its puppet capital, a show "women's shelter", and in Canada, there are no shelters for battered men.

In Canada, children are automatically assumed to be the property of women, the cash cows that generate income for life according to Feminist Doctrine of the Canadian Child Support Guidlines that do nothing other than give every mother in Canada "Spousal Support" without any measurement of needs and means of the parties.

These Feminist inspired feminist written laws, deliberately fail to include the cost of parenting to a non-custodial parent, typically if not always men who are reduced to living in poverty to pay support and when they lose their jobs, if they had one to start with when the order was made, they end up in jail where our population of prisoners are increasingly political, MEN incarcerated for being fathers and in a country where its dam near impossible to vary an order for child support.

Canadian men are increasingly likely to be on the receiving end of Feminist Judges who include psychopath man haters like Cheryl Robertson, Allan Sheffield and Denis Power to name three of the "worst of the worst" in Ontario, supervised by none other than a regional senior judge whose nick name at law school was "Chucky".

The very worst most corrupt lawyers get to be judges of the Ontario Superior court, if they leave a trail of destroyed men, and get a name for it, they are rewarded by a promotion to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

The very worst of the worst man haters who compete with each other for the flagrant abuse of judicial power, get to be promoted to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Right now, word is, by nature of her incredible number of draconian decisions against men, Catherine Feldman is next in line for the Supreme Court of Canada.

Canada needs a massive overhaul of the judiciary, a police for the judiciary, a legal presumption of equal parenting, an overhaul of family law from the ground up before it can wave a finger at places in the world where women have less rights or superiority than Canada.

Real Crime Starts in FAmily Court.

It takes a dead beat Judge to create a dead beat dad.

FRO is Ontario's black shirt Nazi organization for enforcing Male Gender Apartheid against men in Ontario.

Its enough to make you want to puke.