Libyan warplanes bomb oil regions; International court investigates Gadhafi

Mohammed Abbas

AL-UQAYLA, LibyaŚ The Associated Press






Our political leaders have all, without exception, dropped the ball on Libya.

Mr. Harper in particular, as prime minister with his Republican ideology has demonstrated that he has not got a clue on foreign affairs and while trying to avoid making any mistake that might P/o the far right and appear to be leftish, has thrown away opportunity after opportunity to win some really good brownie points from Canadians and the world.

While he dispatched a destroyer, that will take over a week to get there at full speed and an incredible cost, he had sitting near Libya, several C17's and C130's that could have picked up tens of thousands of Egyptians freezing and starving and with an hour or so flight time, have them back in Egypt.

Instead, these aircraft left empty or next to empty wasting an incredible resource while a few nationals of commonwealth countries were allowed on board.

Now, Obama has done what Mr. Harper should have done, ordered military airlifts of refugees which is about the most outstanding acts of compassion ever demonstrated by American foreign policy and for which, Mr. Obama should receive recognition.

Mr. Harper and every Canadian Politician should be ashamed of their lack of ability to even open their mouths on the subject.

Such is the deplorable state of the our political leaders.