Editorial: Already in post-poll mode

The Daily Telegraph

March 19, 2011

Post-poll mode: Kristina Keneally. Picture: Nic Gibson. Source: The Daily Telegraph

ORDINARILY, Australian political parties wait until after they've lost an election before they begin a period of self-destruction.

Recall federal Labor's Latham-led internal collapse following the 2004 election loss to John Howard, and also the Coalition's chaos after their defeat at the hands of Kevin Rudd in 2007. The post-election self-destruction is a long-observed political tradition.

Score a first, then, for the embattled NSW Labor Government of Kristina Keneally. In a rare moment of political achievement, Labor has entered post-election mode a full week before polling day.

In fact, it could be argued that Labor has been in a destructive spiral for some months. Only now, though, are we seeing this being manifest in an open brawl. Yesterday several retiring Labor MPs launched scathing personal attacks on the Premier, with some of them pointing out that they'd been members of the party prior to Keneally arriving in Australia.


Even among her opposition, Keneally's US background is largely off limits, because Liberals correctly perceive that criticism at that level would appear vexatious and petty. It shows just how deeply Keneally is reviled by some in her own party that they would stoop to such sniping.

Then again, Keneally certainly provoked it, claiming this week's that she had "shown the door" to 23 departing MPs. It was an attempt to turn a negative - all those fleeing parliamentarians - into a positive, with Keneally wanting to be a party rebuilder.

The real job of rebuilding the Labor Party begins next week, after the election. But Keneally might not be sufficiently diplomatic for the task.





AVO abuse no game

APPREHENDED violence orders, or AVOs, were first introduced as a means of addressing serious problems before they arose. They were a sensible legal reform and have subsequently halted an untold number of potentially violent confrontations.

They have also become a tactical device for use by those who are not in danger but who wish to make life difficult for a personal enemy.

They have also become a tactical device for use by those who are not in danger but who wish to make life difficult for a personal enemy.

Besides being morally wrong, those who seek AVOs out of vengeance rather than concern for their welfare are wasting valuable police time that could be better used dealing with genuine episodes of violence.

Despite widespread AVO abuse, however, nobody has yet been charged. We need a refinement to the policing of AVOs that would bring quick penalties for those who think AVOs are a game.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

The expression AVO, is biased to start with, its based on "An Apprehension" Presumably on an "assumption" that "She says" he is a danger.

In reality, is an application by a woman to the courts to "remove his legal rights", for the introduction of "Male Sharia Law", "Male Apartheid" where the goal is to "have conditions" of his ability to stay out of jail, that require "her good faith" that she won't abuse her legal advantage to make one phone call, with one allegation that automatically throws in jail, with a "REVERSE ONUS".

Just imagine if everyone was arrested for murder and had to prove themselves innocent before being released on "conditions".

These "orders" are a powerful weapon in the hands of a bitter vindictive woman. The reality is , they are generally always issued against a man to stop him seeing his kids, to portray a loving devoted father as a dangerous criminal.

These orders in Canada are often effective deportation orders, they can ban fathers from entire cities, even cities that house the entire countries most dangerous prisoners.

These "orders" are in reality dangerous weapons.