Women walk the talk after officer's offending ‘slut’ remarks


From Monday's Globe and Mail

The trio of 20-something women had never been to a demonstration before. They don’t consider themselves political. They look more suited for an H&M sale than a quasi-feminist uprising.

But when Melissa Dolson, her sister Amanda and Amy Sherwood, heard about Toronto Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti’s comment to a York University class – that women who don’t want to be sexually assaulted should “avoid dressing like sluts” – it stirred them in a way that other headlines rarely do.

And that’s how the three friends ended up on Toronto’s College Street on Sunday, all wearing white T-shirts emblazoned with the logo of the SlutWalk – “Because We’ve Had Enough”– and railing against the police and that particular comment. The demonstration, which started at Queen’s Park and ended in front of police headquarters, featured much outrage, lots of skin, and all walks of life, including activists, Goths, native protesters, artists and a good smattering of men.

Public officials often say things that offend, but the words do not usually result in a protest of 3,000-plus people. So why did Constable Sanguinetti’s ill-advised advice, which he made more than two months ago and has since apologized for, produce such anger?

For Melissa Dolson, 23, it was strictly the suggestion that the police view some victims differently than others. “They’re supposed to be protecting everyone as a whole,” Ms. Dolson said, shortly after the organizers finished their speeches.

For Amber Tucker, a 20-year-old York psychology student, the protest was much more personal. She lives in residence, right next to the Vanier dormitory where two young men crept through the halls during Frosh Week of 2007, hunting for unlocked doors and unsuspecting first-year students. When friends told her it was stupid to take part in the walk, it only reaffirmed that many people are inclined to blame victims, she said. “It’s not just one cop. It’s a lot of people,” she said.

In response to the protest, the force has said the constable’s comments were unacceptable. “Our actions and behaviour must never cause doubt or bring discredit to the reputation of the service,” the force’s statement said.








Commentary by the OttawaMensCentre



One of the most disturbing sights is a "street march" by extreme feminists dressed to intimidate and threaten men. Most of the "extreme feminists" who complain about the officers comments are the least likely to ever dress provocatively, at least towards men.

Most fall into the fugly category, and make themselves as unattractive as possible towards men. They wear a well known uniform, they have their hair cut in particular cuts, their entire presentation conforms to unwritten rules that allow them into the inner circle of those with a pathological hatred of men.

As a group, they are riddled with personalty disorders, mental health problems and any of their contact with men, is for the purpose of abuse. They promote the tactics of obtaining men to be unwitting s-perm donors with the goal of ensuring that the children never ever see or know who their biological father is and to have him, pay for fact that they were used to create a child who will never ever see or know their father.

That's extreme feminism in Canada and its a very sick extremely profitable business akin to winning a lottery which the courts condone by man hating feminist judges.



The officer committed the offense of Feminist Heresy.

Fact is, if you coincidentally just happen dress like a prostitute and walk around late at night
in places where "johns" think rightly or wrongly that prostitutes hang out, then "they" should not be surprised when they are approached.

Fact is, prostitution business is generally illegal dangerous business, it attracts psychopaths and women haters. The murder of those women is another story that deserves attention.

The officer gave good advice, and there is hardly a sane woman around who would not agree with that advice even if they are the loudest voices on a s-lut march.

In many cultures, dressing provocatively, is asking to be assaulted and or raped, and many who have those delusions, come to Canada and revert to their animal behaviors which is why the officer gave the politically incorrect but factually correct advice for which he should not be berated.

The problem is sexual assaults and rape needs to be considered along with the problem
of fabricated allegations of rape etc.

Almost every day, a crazy feminist creates an incident with an innocent male to justify a call to police and all too frequently, one crazy man hating feminist ties down the criminal justice and or family law system at incredible cost.

When the charges are proven false, she rarely has any legal consequences.

It's not the women who dress like women who pose a threat to men, its those whose women who dress in the uniform of the Canadian Man Hater's Association whose primary mission in life is the destruction of men.



It's a known fact, a high percentage of the population is mentally and or suffers serious personality disorders.

Any time you walk on the street, or meet someone knew, you run the risk of being the victim of a hater of the opposite gender, or a rapist of women or men.

Feminists who scream in protest at dike-marches, can be a terrifying, scary sight to men and of course, "real women" who are not professional man haters.

Feminists, extreme feminists have been awful quiet about Julian Assange's having unprotected sex with women who only consented to "protected sex". The Swedish police rightly call that rape and in North America, that sort of rape gets a blind eye.

Some of the worst rapists are women, they claim that can't get pregnant, to a carefully selected male whose income and genetics make him a sought after target to be raped by an extreme feminist, to obtain his s-perm and never allow that child to have contact with him and to obtain windfall lottery amount winnings in the form of child support, all for having been convinced to have sex, that they thought was safe from conception.

Rape is rape all right and some of the extreme feminist movement who are so loudly screaming on dike marches are the some of the worst promoters of hatred and abuse towards men around.




The extreme feminists are so accustomed to having control of the police that when an officer gives some generic good advice that they don't want to hear, its an opportunity for them to "take action" and do what they can to destroy his career.

The officer is to be commended for his well intentioned advice.




The protest is crazy.
Constable Sanguinetti's comments could have escaped the feminist war if he had used different words to say the same message.

That raises another question. Everyone, police officer or otherwise, has a right, not to have to live in constant fear at being the receiving end of a Feminist war.

Spare a thought for the cops, what cop will give well meaning advice in future if it runs the risk of getting every man hating dike out in protest?

Perhaps he could have said, Mentally ill or the personality disordered, make up a significant percentage of the population, you never know who you are going to meet, and if you are a woman, how you dress may send the wrong message to a disturbed male.

The officer could also have advised men, never ever have unprotected sex with a woman unless you want to run the chance of being RAPED and having your s-perm stolen to create a child that you will never see and pay for till you die.



"The trio of 20-something women had never been to a demonstration before. They don’t consider themselves political."

Sure, who is going to believe that self serving feminist propaganda coming out the middle of a dike march?



Our courts are literally swamped with male victims of female rape, the determined single woman who wanted children but no father in the child's life, who steal sperm and make him pay for ever while she lives with another like minded "partner" in the crime of child abuse.