Shania 'Twainiac' Ottawa doc in court


Last Updated: April 8, 2011 12:09pm


TORONTO - An Ottawa heart surgeon who has been ordered to stay away from country music legend Shania Twain appeared briefly in court Friday.

Dr. John Palumbo, 50, was remanded in custody until Tuesday, when he will be seeking his freedom.

Palumbo, who had been diagnosed as bipolar and was treated for that condition, obsession and other narcissistic traits for several months last year, has been in custody since he was spotted at the Juno awards in Toronto. Twain was bestowed in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the ceremony.

Palumbo was arrested as he was violating a previous court order prohibiting him from approaching Twain. He has been held in custody since.

Four weeks ago, his charges of allegedly stalking Twain were withdrawn from an Ottawa court after the Crown said it couldn’t convince the singer to come to court to testify.

It was alleged that Palumbo had been spotted near Twain’s Muskoka cottage, had been to her hometown of Timmins to attend her grandmother’s funeral and had approached family members to pass along flowers and had sent some letters to her home in Switzerland.

It was previously reported that Palumbo spoke of wanting to meet Twain to pursue a “romantic relationship.”




commentary by the

 While Mr. Harper wants to dramatically increase spending on jails and incarcerate an even greater number of Canadians, he has chosen political points at the expense of incredible damage to society rather than address the root causes.

Canad struggles under hundreds of billions of dollars of court costs, that make it's way, to the Legal and justice cartels. The vast majority of all Criminal, Civil and Family Litigation is caused by those suffering a mental health problem and or a personality disorder that affects an ever increasing percentage of the population.

The primary cause is dysfunctional fatherless homes. The solution is to create a Legal Presumption of Equal Parenting.


The John Palumbo case is a classic example of how mental illness affects even the highly educated and those at the high end of the social and economic scale.

What everyone in Ottawa needs to remember is that a small but significant percentage of our Ottawa Superior Court Judiciary are plagued with mental health problems and or a personality disorder that leaves a trail of destruction.

You only have to ask any lawyer in Ottawa ( in strict confidence of course) and almost all of them will name the same names.

These insults to justice habitually flagrantly abuse their judicial discretion and destroy an ever increasing number of lives. As a side benefit these same judges order costs for their friends.