NDP platform to mix some familiar ideas with the new

Gloria Galloway

Saskatoon— Globe and Mail Update

The New Democrats will roll out their policy platform on Sunday morning – the last of the three federalist parties in the House to put the full range of their ideas before the Canadian public.

The party may be saving some surprises. But, given that almost all of the policy announcements made by NDP Leader Jack Layton in this campaign have been part of the previous election platforms or introduced as private-members’ bills in Parliament, the document is not expected to contain much that is new.

Mr. Layton likes to be able to point to his consistency.

“Our platform will have a combination of the best ideas of the past and some new proposals, some of which we have already released, for examples the small-business tax cut,” Mr. Layton told reporters in Saskatoon on Saturday morning after some 600 people turned to hear him at a rally in a downtown hotel – by far the largest event of the campaign to date.

There are some benefits to being the last party to drop a platform just before the leaders debates, said Mr. Layton. “The people are most likely to remember it best.”

The thing that will distinguish the NDP policies from those of the Conservatives and the Liberals, he said, is that they have been fully costed.

“The Conservatives have told Canadians they are going to cut $11-billion without telling them where or how,” he said. “And the Liberals have not spelled out how they are going to achieve their balanced budget which means they are going to have to cut too, very dramatically, the services that Canadians count on.”

The New Democrats, on the other hand, said Mr. Layton, are “going to cost out and indicate absolutely every step that we will be taking to achieve the balanced budgets while making sure the services are there for Canadians.”

When he has been asked previously to explain why some of his policies are recycled from previous campaigns, Mr. Layton says it’s because the elected governments have not seen fit to adopt them.

But not all NDP ideas have disappeared into the ether, he said

“I think that our platforms have influenced the agenda and they have been the basis on which we’ve worked with the other parties to get various changes to their programs implement, said the NDP Leader. One example of that, he said was “the billion dollars for the unemployed that we negotiated with Mr. Harper.”





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Jack Layton can be relied upon to make similar decisions to his past decisions.
That is, he is out to lunch when it comes to logical reasoning and objectivity.

Jack Layton has a long history of tragic errors in promoting hatred towards men and currently is the most Anti Father politician in Canada with his strong anti Equal Parenting stance.

He also claims to be a victim when ever he is confronted with the fact that he is a stooge of the Extreme feminist movement.

Typical example of Jack Layton. "he discovered the oil gauge had stopped working and later the engine seized in the middle of the highway halfway from nowhere".

Take these statements. First, he blamed the oil gauge for not working" then he reveals that the gauge was working because the engine seize immediately after "the oil pressure gauge stopped working".

That is, Jack ignored an instrument that said "no oil pressure", he did not believe it, it contravened what he wanted to think, and concluded, it was "not working".

He did not change his view even after the engine gave a loud bang and seized up.

Then he claims the car was "halfway from nowhere".

Now, what does Jack do now? he ignores the cries of Canadian children who don't ever see their father, he supports Male Gender Apartheid that is, that men should be treated as second class human beings and not allowed an equal right to be a parent, all policy dictated by his fugly extreme feminist lobby group.


Harper has no respect for the rule of law or the fundamental principles of democracy as shown by his blatant contempt for court orders.

Jack Layton, shows no respect for society with his No Dads policy approach to parenting, he strongly objects to a Legal Presumption of Equal Parenting.

Iggy, who had incredible problems with access to his children has yet to open his mouth on the subject.

That leaves us the bloc and unfortunately, they don't have candidates in any province other than Quebec which begs the question as to why not.

At the end, we are faced with a bunch of politicians none of whom seem to have any sense of right and wrong and are willing to prostitute themselves to get elected.