Colin Thatcher says Canada shouldn't adopt cameras in courtrooms

Saskatoon— The Canadian Press
Former Saskatchewan cabinet minister and convicted murderer Colin Thatcher says there is no need for TV cameras in Canadian courtrooms.

Mr. Thatcher made a rare public appearance Saturday, appearing at a conference of radio and television news directors in Saskatoon.

His 1984 trial for the murder of his ex-wife JoAnn Wilson was the focus of intense media coverage.

But Mr. Thatcher told the Radio and Television News Directors Association that it would be a mistake to follow the U.S. example and allow televised court proceedings.

Last month, Ontario's attorney general said he's open to allowing cameras in courtrooms and says the time is right to consult the legal community on the subject.

Mr. Thatcher says he thinks cameras would taint the outcome of trials, and would lead to performances on both sides.

“I think it's something we don't need,” he said.

Mr. Thatcher, however, believes media should be able to talk to jurors after trials like they can in the United States.

Mr. Thatcher was granted full parole five years ago and has always maintained his innocence.

He told the conference that in hindsight it may have been a mistake not to talk to the media during his murder trial.

The Crown addressed reporters each day of the trial, and Mr. Thatcher says it was a tactical decision by the defence not to follow suit. However he agreed with his attorney's decision at the time.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Let's not use the question of correctness of the conviction of Collin Thatcher to divert from the issue of camera's in the court room.

Fact is, court rooms are "controlled" by judges who go to classes on "court room control", that enable some of societies worst psychopaths, and those with serious personality disorders to become judges, where they flagrantly and habitually abuse their judicial discretion.

Just visit 161 Elgin Street Ottawa Superior Court and watch the dishonorable Allan Sheffield for an example of one of the most hated judges in Canada. Sheffield is an example of just one of many judges who make up the "underbelly of the Judiciary"

Good judges could not care less about Camera's in the court room. Good competent saint like judges welcome the public to watch proceedings, they are proud of how their court rooms operate and for the public to see ethical professionals at work.

Its the underbelly of the Judiciary that operate "secret courts", they exclude anyone who they think might be a threat of exposure to them, anyone who might be a witness to their dirty deeds of making decisions for their friends , or against their enemies or to protect the Legal Cartel by making orders for costs against, those who have not retained a lawyer.

The Underbelly don't report decisions as often as ethical judges, they hide for decades without reporting a single decision.

Take the corrupt Justice Richard Lajoie formally of Timmins, well known in northeastern Ontario as blatantly corrupt. He has a habit of leering the the front of female prosecutors and lawyers, and drinking excessively the night before working. While being on the bench for over a decade he has just a handful of reported decisions and a reputation for excluding as many people as possible from the court room and making threats and intimidation to ensure that anything mentioned in the court room does not go outside, because it might embarass him.

The well known saints of the judiciary don't want credit, they don't want to be named, they also don't mind camera's or recordings made of their proceedings.

Ontario Courts had a direction by Justice Howland that allowed tape recordings of proceedings under generous circumstances, however later, the Ontario courts introduced "security measures" at most court houses that prevent any such device from being brought into the court room.

Why do we need camera's and audio recordings or live audio?

Judges, court reporters routinely leave out, change the odd word to create incredible injustice or difficulties for litigants they don't like. Its a form of corruption and nothing serves more as a deterrent to underbelly dead beat judges than a camera in the court room.

Anyhow, there are a stack of other people who would be more suitable to comment on this story than Thatcher whose conviction raises a lot of questions that may or may not mean he is a victim or a murderer.