Campaign trail falls silent as leaders sharpen their knives for debate


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It’s all about the debate Tuesday. The campaign jets are sitting on the tarmac, the campaign buses are empty and the party leaders are back in Ottawa preparing for their 7 p.m. debut on live television. And the pressure is on.

The view is that this first debate, followed Wednesday by the French debate, could finally be the trigger to shake up what has been a fairly quiet campaign so far. Will anyone deliver the knockout punch?

Much is at stake for the two main contenders – for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, this will be his first performance on the national stage. He is the rookie among the party leaders.

Although he has said he will be nervous and is “apprehensive,” his Conservative opponents are not buying it. On CTV’s Question Period Sunday, the Tory campaign chair Guy Giorno said it was “a bit precious” for Mr. Ignatieff to say he was nervous as he’s one of the great thinkers and debaters around, having debated on the BBC and at Harvard.

Stephen Harper, meanwhile, walks into the debate amid controversy about his government’s spending at the G8 in Huntsville last year. The Canadian Press revealed Monday that the Auditor-General had big concerns about the way in which projects were funded around the summit. This will most likely be raised during the two-hour debate by the three opposition leaders, putting the Conservative Leader on the defensive.

In addition, the latest Nanos poll shows that Canadians want to hear about policy from the party leaders. With the platforms from the three national parties released, expect the leaders to play up their positions on the corporate tax cuts, the purchase of the F-35 fighter jets and their vision for the economy.

All in all a quiet day Tuesday as the party leaders huddle with their advisers and get put through their paces for the debate. The fireworks, however, begin at 7 p.m.



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At 7:00 PM, every one should have a sick bag handy, it will be enough to make you want to vomit.

Expect SILENCE from all the leaders on Canada's most serious issues, the failure of Canada to protect children's rights by way of a Legal Presumption of Equal Parenting, the absence of which fuels the 100 Billion Dollar waste of money called Family Court that encourages "parental Alienation"..

Only ONE leaders knows this subject and its Iggy who had incredible problems with access and now, won't lift his little finger to help Canadian children avoid what his children went through.

This creates more children WITHOUT a father than with a father, it creates multiple generations of family dysfunction, its a primary cause of mental health problems and personality disorders that cost Canada now and in the future, mega billions.

The "War on men" by nature of bias against men, makes men reluctant to be fathers due to the risk of not being a father and economic destruction by way of the inequitable child support guidelines that give even rich mothers, spousal support by poor fathers to prevent those fathers from being fathers.

Out government's Male Gender Apartheid are lowering our national birth rate to the point that only immigration allows the population to increase.

The only way Canadian men will father more children is if dramatic changes are made to protect childrens rights by way of a Legal Presumption of Equal Parenting.

Canada operates draconian, "DEBTORS PRISONS" on a feminist agenda that sees fathers incarcerated, for being sick, unemployed and having their careers destroyed by a vindictive women not to mention judges who make orders that permanently, bar men from court, bar men from seeking any variation to an order for support that guarantees their repeated indefinite incarceration for no other reason than poverty, without ever a trial or a conviction for a criminal offense.

Canadian men, are criminalized from the moment they form testicles prior to birth.

Its time to change and with out present Gutless leaders, we are not likely to see any change whatsoever.