Ottawa officer loses dismissal appeal



By Meghan Hurley, Ottawa Citizen April 19, 2011

An Ottawa police officer lost an appeal to an independent oversight agency after he was given seven days to resign or be fired.

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission upheld hearing officer Terence Kelly's June decision to dismiss Const. Jeffrey Gulick, who was charged under the Police Services Act for an outburst on May 22, 2008, that saw him assault four officers. He was stunned by a Taser, arrested and later escaped custody before he was recaptured.

"The extent of this misconduct was to such a degree that the suitability of Const. Gulick remaining a police officer in this police service has been nullified by his conduct in this case," a statement issued Monday by Ottawa police says. Gulick has the right to appeal the decision with the Ontario Divisional Court.

Gulick, who had been battling alcohol and a drug addiction, has been in a treatment program and has been sober for more than two years.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Constable Jeffrey Gulick was formerly in the partner assault group of the Ottawa Police and his evidence was "challenged" on numerous occasions. 

A very large percentage of those charged were charged with fabricated allegations that was as dubious as could be but still resulted in convictions.


Now, if you were charged and or convicted of any offence by Ottawa Police Constable Jeffrey Gulick, please email