Man guilty of beating, choking ex-wife

By ,Ottawa Sun

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Errol Newton appeared numb after a jury found him guilty Thursday of beating
his ex-wife and choking her with a belt on Nov. 25, 2008.
“There is no god,” he said as he smoked a cigarette outside the courthouse.
“There is no justice.”
Not a single member of the jury looked at him as they filed into the sombre
confines of courtroom 33 after two days of deadlocked deliberation.
Only then did the forewoman delivered the shattering blows that may seal his
fate in his child custody battle with the woman that he savagely attacked.
Guilty of assault and of assault with a weapon. Guilty of entering his
ex-wife’s home to commit an indictable offence.
But not guilty of uttering a death threat and of aggravated assault.
The conflicted verdict came after two weeks of conflicting evidence that
appeared to damage the credibility of his ex-wife and suggest police rushed
to judgement in charging him.
The court heard that the woman’s visit to a medical clinic after the attack
never happened. That reports she made to the Children’s Aid Society of
threats he allegedly made to her didn’t exist.
Unusually, police and medical evidence was tabled, not by the Crown, but by
the defence.
Anne Weinstein had challenged the lead investigator to explain why police
never tested the belt for DNA. They didn’t forensically examine the cell
phone from which he allegedly texted threats and, outside the jury’s
hearing, the court heard that Newton had asked police to give him a lie
detector test.
Meanwhile, a doctor the woman did see had told the court he was “surprised”
to hear of the violent nature of the assault after evaluating her. And he
hadn’t treated for a concussion, as she had claimed.
In the end, it didn’t matter to the twelve jurors.
Newton’s children, an 11-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl, may now
remain with their mother and her new boyfriend in the Kitchener-Waterloo
They will lack a “gentle, affectionate” father, in the words of one
Children’s Aid worker who supervised earlier visits.
He had hoped the trial would clear his name and a path to his children.
Now he’s guilty.
Newton will be sentenced June 15.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Another case that is just typical of convictions for domestic violence based on "Male Sharia Law", that is, a woman can make any unsubstantiated uncorroborated allegation that is contradicted by the evidence, in this case, medical professionals and end up being found guilty.

What makes this case different, is that the decision was a JURY decision.

This is one case that has a very good chance of going to the Court of Appeal however, the Court of Appeal  of Ontario, is riddled with man hating judges who got to be appointed to the Court of Appeal of Ontario for their solid demonstrations of hatred towards men.

Typical of such obvious fabricated  criminal charges, the motivation was to gain custody of the children.


What we did not hear about was the lack of or evidence of mental health problems with the mother who most probably has at least a personality disorder to engage in such very obviously fabricated charges.

If you are a father in Ottawa, take note of how the Ottawa Police laid the charges in this case with such dubious evidence and even evidence that cleared the father. These charges are typical.

Who was the cop who laid these charges? Let us know please.