Mother to be sentenced in connection to baby's death

Jane Sims, QMI Agency


First posted:

Sara Whittington leaves the St Thomas courthouse with lawyer Bill Glover, Thursday February 24, 2011. (Morris Lamont/ QMI Agency, file)

LONDON, ONT.  - The mother of a missing St. Thomas, Ont., infant is expected to be sentenced Thursday morning in connection to the child's presumed death.

Sara Whittington, 35, was found guilty of causing an indignity to a dead body.

Her three-week-old daughter Abbygail Dice went missing in September 2007.

Her body has never been found.

Police suggested the baby's body was thrown off a cliff and into Lake Erie.

Whittington denied knowing what happened to her baby.

Superior Court Justice Peter Hockin is expected hear sentencing arguments at 10 a.m.




Commentary by the Ottawa mens Centre


Our feminist law has resulted in women correctly thinking that the courts will swallow any hair brained justification for murder. Take that Ottawa mother who plunged a butchers knife into her husbands chest and later claimed to be a victim of abuse. Trouble is, the only person who could respond was killed by her.

Sara Whittington, said she had a 'two day memory loss", and her baby, just did not wake up after a nap and she disposed of the body which has never been recovered.

She apparently did not remember going to TWO Shoppers Drug Marts where she brought a potentiall fatal dose of Nytol and Extra Strength Tylenol.

What is missing from the news is her prior mental health history, her personality disorder, and almost any mention of the father of the child " Chris Meadows" who PASSED a polygraph.

What is really disturbing is that AFTER the murder, it was discovered that she is pregnant with a child fathered again by Chris Meadows.

For this murder, she might get five years. No doubt, she will claim on appeal to be yet another a female victim of abuse.